Pronunciation of Passivity
/pasˈɪvɪti/, /pasˈɪvɪti/, /p_a_s_ˈɪ_v_ɪ_t_i/

Antonyms for passivity

self-love, pro cess, interest, horsepower, what is into, brute forces, violence, passion, dissent, pro-cess, transference, refusal, biggies, up-roars, trans-action, wildnesses, ones all, pro ducts, carrying ons, imperiousness, need, pro-duct, force, under-takings, assumption, fight, liveliness, self-consequence, pretense, dis order, denial, drive, unrest, get-up-and-go, full steams, moving, ex-actions, one's level bests, feeling, furor, vainglory, swelled head, full steam, hustle, pro-cesses, restriction, care, storminess, fore sight, feat, disquiet, complacency, labor, sympathy, weakness, indolence, full head of steam, pomposity, pro duct, under-taking, constraits, effort, indifference, intolerance, what it take, pride, self-congratulation, undertaking, wildness, one level best, nonconformity, self-glory, unhappiness, out fits, animation, impellents, endeavor, pridefulness, conceit, Vitali, vanity, transferences, impatience, misery, sensitivity, under taking, big ideas, industry, trans-actions, fore sights, try-ons, diligence, lethargy, masterfulness, initiative, re-source, horsepowers, trouble, huffiness, laziness, try-on, ex-action, strife, ballgames, work, bumptiousness, subjection, warmth, fore-sights, crash project, full head steam, employment, veto, pro-ducts, follow throughs, dissatisfaction, Gest, fire in belly, one level bests, woe, what is in to, one all, pet project, idleness, upset, ambition, destructivenesses, inhibition, difference, compassion, what take, caring, sadness, Self-conceit, out-fit, product, out fit, re-solution, re sources, ferocities, get up and go, dos, action, re-sources, POWS, consequence, murderousnesses, worry, perplexity, re solutions, one's level best, Peremptoriness, hard work, one alls, ones alls, full court presses, do's, strong arm, big idea, aggressiveness, what it takes, uneasiness, tryon, ex action, dynamisms, crash projects, re source, excitableness, brute force, concern, disobedience, want, what one is into, full blasts, life, turmoil, complacence, Amour Propre, happiness, destructiveness, superiority, busyness, pretension, vigor, enterprises, frustration, fear, self reliance, what one is in to, dis orders, pro positions, pro-positions, impellent, dynamism, energy, dis-order, full court press, ballgame, out-fits, re-solutions, up-roar, loftiness, regard, terrorisms, operation, pow, resistance, constrait, one's all, self-assumption, murderousness, pretentiousness, what one is inti, enterprise, disagreement, disturbance, discontent, egotism, displeasure, self-esteem, toploftiness, fore-sight, superciliousness, rebellion, ragings, biggie, trans action, Conceitedness, pompousness, selfreliance, sorrow, lordliness, turbulence, Self-opinion, arrogance, exercisings, bighead, swellheadedness, arousal, what is inti, ex actions, cowardice, trans actions, haughtiness, presumptuousness, dis-orders, industriousness, difficulty, agitation, storminesses, dissension, ego, what takes, terrorism, pro position, exploit, one's alls, activity, vaingloriousness, pet projects, defiance.