Pronunciation of Drag
/d_ɹ_ˈa_ɡ/, /dɹˈaɡ/, /dɹˈaɡ/

Usage examples for drag:

Idioms for drag:

  • drag sb's name through the mire/ mud;
  • drag your heels/ feet;
  • Wild horses couldn't drag sm away ( from sth.);
  • drag your/ its heels;
  • in drag

Quotes for drag:

Rhymes for drag:

  • mag, wag, slag, stag, brag, zag, hag, bag, bagg, fag, sag, snag, wagg, ag, crag, nag, dag, gag, flag, tag, bragg, hagg, lag, rag, fagg;
  • codag, zig-zag;

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