Pronunciation of Indistinct
/ˌɪndɪstˈɪŋkt/, /ˌɪndɪstˈɪŋkt/, /ˌɪ_n_d_ɪ_s_t_ˈɪ_ŋ_k_t/

Antonyms for indistinct

ex-press, dis similar, make no bones, most doubleedged, Matt Sharp, univocal, razzle-dazzle, un due, eyecatching, full-mouthed, most good-sized, most undimmed, ex-act, ascertainable, more suffocating, in fine feather, uncontaminated, out spoken, re sourceful, in view, most undubitable, for certain, spikiest, more needle pointed, quick on uptake, plain, hit nail on head, more strong flavored, de terminate, clear, no strings attached, dis-crete, unhampered, in-escapable, more sounding, selfassertive, highly flavored, hit nail head, un polluted, more whetted, most tipped, most vinegary, undisguised, strong-smelling, under-hand, strong smelling, pronged, in-tensest, sharp, most recognizable, more inebriating, more well-marked, keenedged, de finite, more cognizable, undimmed, more undubitable, strong-flavored, positive, more allconsuming, SHARP TECH J, un subtler, indubitable, well-marked, in-dubitable, more heavyduty, hearable, more cinched, loudvoiced, in-tenser, in controvertible, full bodied, more ear-splitting, open and shut, on target, in escapable, most sharp-cut, more strong-smelling, sharp spoon, out righter, glitziest, most keen-edged, see through, double edged, un bending, self evident, palatable, most well-built, re-solved, strong, most absolved, recognizable, most cognizable, sharpcut, dead on, fullbodied, strong flavored, having smarts, un-usual, unambiguous, dis criminating, re-sounding, tined, spiky, dis crete, in-disputable, most hearable, in disputable, discoverable, most hued, more edged, more acuminous, de-signing, loud-voiced, most splintery, more strong smelling, most obvious, de-terminate, bold, well grounded, re cognizable, spikier, bull eye, apical, most resolved, ex posed, selfexplanatory, John Starks, take charge, most tined, more seen, brierier, ex act, more enunciated, trans-lucent, flyest, more uncensurable, highsounding, under ones nose, in-ordinate, un-equivocal, uni-vocal, most telling, most tinged, establishable, more unblunted, brieriest, more knife-edged, in-tense, allconsuming, wellgrounded, fullmouthed, in-controvertible, most wellmarked, in-fallible, hard nosed, manifest, un subtle, audible, can't miss it, un-due, in dependent, razor-sharp, palpable, high sounding, more tipped, more tined, most predestined, highpriced, pre destined, most horned, out rightest, more loud-voiced, more heavy duty, full mouthed, most keenedged, more wellbuilt, Stark Mineral Spring, wakes dead, pre-arranged, un-qualified, dis charged, Unblunted, cleancut, knifelike, vinegary, in-exorable, more sharpcut, more tinged, pronounced, well-defined, Undubitable, quick uptake, un mixed, wellmade, more horned, out open, re served, more absolved, de fined, well established, un complicated, un-troubled, in sight, in tense, un troubled, sharp edged, un-subtle, un-mistakable, most good sized, in tenser, twofaced, most shooting, more undimmed, stiff, more full-mouthed, un compromising, clear as bell, in evidence, knife-edged, un concealed, more loudvoiced, high, more keen edged, two faced, in bag, more confirmable, most assigned, self explanatory, most razzle-dazzle, more transpicuous, un erring, more knife edged, most needlepointed, noticeable, aural, loud enough, quick trigger, ablebodied, most exculpated, apparent, eye catching, more silhouetted, un contaminated, needle pointed, de-fined, un associated, most strong flavored, definite, un disputed, more predestined, out in open, Needle-pointed, more graspable, not vague, un blurred, selfevident, most exonerated, more well marked, outlined, dis-missed, most well built, chiseled, most strong smelling, more telling, dis coverable, more strongflavored, most arrestive, un mitigated, Uncensurable, forter, Sharp-cut, more tapered, trans-lucid, re sounding, un ethical, un mistakable, un-darkened, in dubitable, quick on the trigger, un dimmed, discernible, more knifeedged, Arrestive, most razzle dazzle, seethrough, re doubtable, un-dimmed, un doubted, more exculpated, more fulminating, un-polluted, more razzle dazzle, in-dividual, more accented, un usual, more all consuming, un questionable, apprehensible, un-attached, indisputable, more iron willed, more unhampered, beyond doubt, earpiercing, more undarkened, most honed, most uncontaminated, horned, un qualified, most intensified, more exonerated, wellfounded, marked, more recognizable, un-subtler, no ifs ands buts, clearly defined, firstclass, needlelike, dis-criminating, trans parent, sure, to be seen, ground fine, Tralucent, more razzle-dazzle, un-disputed, more ascertained, most aural, un ambiguous, more well established, un equivocal, un deniable, most knifeedged, most apprehensible, out the open, categorical, cognizable, more loud voiced, dis-coverable, emphatic, dis-similar, knifeedged, more discoverable, most revealed, un-censurable, un-blunted, most loud voiced, well marked, more clinched, un-limited, uni vocal, dis-united, quick the uptake, unmistakable, in-nocent, loud, un duest, more well built, more blustering, most thundering, most acuate, most seen, re-liabler, double-edged, Acuminous, fortest, most drilling, un-reserved, most full-mouthed, more penetrative, certain, self-explanatory, Koo Stark, most double-edged, clear as a bell, most transpicuous, most unhampered, most univocal, sharp cut, un scrupulous, most ironwilled, out-righter, most apparent, unequivocal, un-mitigated, high priced, doubleedged, ear splitting, most heavy-duty, nobody fool, not stale, un-concealed, most unhidden, cut fine, be seen, un hampered, most strongflavored, un-conscionable, prearranged, pro-founder, most uncensurable, readable, most pronged, within earshot, more univocal, wellestablished, silhouetted, un-bending, hued, un-deniable, bull's eye, firm, quick the trigger, well-built, decided, Translucid, more unpolluted, in nocent, more thundering, more razzledazzle, more good-sized, un conscionable, straightout, un-alterable, more doubleedged, more full mouthed, most blustering, most full mouthed, in-tensive, pro found, most goodsized, obvious, extra-ordinary, more splintery, pre-destined, un defiled, more tralucent, un-yielding, clean cut, most double edged, un-hidden, first class, more sharp cut, un-tarnished, in-dependent, unpolluted, goodsized, most sharp edged, un-scrupulous, more vinegary, open shut, un hidden, un alterable, un-disguised, over powering, iron willed, sunshiny, more assigned, most edged, un-duest, specific, un tarnished, well built, more hearable, trans lucid, more razor-sharp, un-ethical, un-ceremonious, more paralyzing, trans lucent, bulls eye, most keen edged, most allconsuming, all consuming, most ear piercing, un-blurred, un-impeded, unblurred, un gracious, most establishable, graspable, re sonant, un obstructed, most earpiercing, more razor sharp, ear-piercing, most sharp cut, most stressed, in style, un darkened, un blunted, more goodsized, cant miss it, most razzledazzle, un-complicated, nobodys fool, most strong-smelling, distinct, drawn fine, more intensified, more pealing, re-liable, more unmixed, un clouded, most razor-sharp, razzle dazzle, all out, most unassociated, un-blemished, Transpicuous, more honed, appreciable, smart as a tack, most sharpcut, most acuminous, trans-parent, un yielding, quick on the uptake, more nailed, more sharp edged, Pete Stark, pre-scribed, re-liablest, most inebriating, pre-determined, more uncontaminated, most unmixed, more double-edged, big as life, dis missed, conspicuous, un-ambiguous, most well established, most razor sharp, pro-found, out-spoken, razzledazzle, most ascertainable, well made, more sharp-cut, un-compromising, penetrative, dis united, most needlelike, most discoverable, Sharp Headaches, wellbuilt, Freya Stark, strongflavored, bright, Johannes Stark, unmixed, more stressed, more double edged, under nose, under one nose, most silhouetted, briery, fresh, more pronounced, re-doubtable, no mistake, de-finite, confirmable, intense, un disguised, un-obstructed, out in the open, more circumscribed, knife edged, most needle-pointed, most sounding, evident, under one's nose, most well-established, more sharpened, extra ordinary, under hand, most apical, more ear splitting, glitzy, most tapered, hardnosed, defined, explicit, unassociated, more precise, good sized, smart as tack, un-contaminated, un-subtlest, un-associated, un-diluted, over-powering, more undisguised, good-sized, welldefined, more sharp-edged, most heavyduty, de signing, more keenedged, acuate, no ifs ands or buts, ex-posed, most wellestablished, un impeded, more strong-flavored, clearcut, un-defiled, most unblunted, more unblurred, most all consuming, more heavy-duty, most fulminating, most undarkened, more all-consuming, un-gracious, out right, most well marked, wellmarked, more apprehensible, pre scribed, most pealing, more good sized, visible, more wellmarked, Ear-splitting, un-duer, most nailed, most accented, forcible, most sharpened, John Sharp Williams, more resolved, most graspable, having down pat, most sunshiny, dis-charged, more earpiercing, able bodied, keen-edged, re liablest, for a face, more needle-pointed, more keen-edged, needlepointed, more well-built, perspicuous, most unblurred, most knife edged, most ascertained, quick on trigger, more razorsharp, most sharp-edged, most strong-flavored, ex press, unquestionable, poles apart, more evident, un dubitable, more needlelike, in tensive, re-cognizable, lucid, most undisguised, for face, more unassociated, pre determined, not hidden, wakes the dead, most disunited, out standing, pro founder, un-mixed, more ascertainable, most enunciated, loud voiced, un-questionable, keen edged, un diluted, all-consuming, clear cut, un-doubted, hard as nails, un-dubitable, in dividual, most well-marked, un-hampered, re-served, most ear-piercing, heavy-duty, Cinched, most defined, more drilling, more defined, more wellestablished, perceptible, re-sonant, more apical, most confirmable, out-standing, most circumscribed, more disunited, more translucid, most fullmouthed, most suffocating, unquestioned, most iron-willed, most wellbuilt, most whetted, straight out, out-right, re liabler, most sharpedged.