Pronunciation of Speed
/spˈiːd/, /spˈiːd/, /s_p_ˈiː_d/

Antonyms for speed:

Inching, dilly dally, be-dogging, bringing rear, hem haw, warming a chair, de tains, get no place fast, post-pones, shag, warm chair, Retardment, slacken, de laying, warm a chair, trailing behind, dawdlings, lollygag, choke off, sitting on ones butt, getting no place fast, bums around, keeps back, dropped back, retardates, diddledaddling, Remanded, sitting butt, shags, bugbear, ex tend, lays over, diddle-daddles, follows a scent, diddle, gat no place fast, drag, bode time, slow down, sate ones butt, bedogged, Idled, bide time, gotten no place fast, be dog, diddle daddled, be dogged, dropt back, procrastinate, slowness, pro-longing, crawl, diddle daddles, sit on ones butt, rest, procrastinations, bring the rear, post-pone, sat one's butt, bides time, remands, shlep along, sits butt, protract, brings the rear, sit on one butt, dis continuations, were delayed, Bogged, re-strict, tag along, showstopper, de-tains, wast delayed, anathema, de-crease, sits around, art delayed, brought the rear, de creased, ex-tends, scrounges around, de-creased, intermits, decelerate, Intermitting, wert quiescent, follow scent, poke along, gaining time, cunctations, Loitered, bring up rear, moving slowly, art quiescent, holding over, dawdle, re mission, downed, wast quiescent, encounters difficulty, logjams, gain time, lazies, pro tracts, retardments, inter-feres, diddledaddle, shlepping along, loiter, bumming around, diddle daddling, ex tends, sat on butt, idles, nose out, tagged along, gained time, be dogs, lagging behind, pro rogations, sur ceases, with held, dis-continuation, dillydally, sat ones butt, downing, re-missions, sluggishness, bring screeching halt, pro-tracts, diddle-daddled, hanging down, dally, with holds, block, pro long, sitting one's butt, hanged up, sitting on one butt, brought screeching halt, hangup, de tain, check, dis courages, brought up rear, pro rogation, poking along, slowing, decrease, re presses, pro-long, poked along, am delayed, hold over, sits on ones butt, re-presses, inter-fere, dropping back, sat on one butt, trail, sate on one's butt, re missions, cooling-off periods, follows scent, warming chair, be delayed, ex-tending, showstoppers, languidness, de creasing, lay over, de-creasing, sit on one's butt, dilatoriness, Bogging, limp along, noses out, hold-up, impede, was quiescent, encounter difficulty, with-hold, biding time, falling behind, are delayed, pre vents, torpor, pre-venting, re pressed, prevent, trailed behind, ex tending, putting offs, trails behind, pro-rogation, keep back, laying over, Filibustering, bring rear, sit one butt, hanging up, brings rear, withhold, are quiescent, torpidity, brought up the rear, warmed chair, be dogging, dis-courage, prorogation, sit one's butt, shagging, slow up, scrounge around, dissuade, abomination, is quiescent, brought to screeching halt, bedogs, sit around, nosed out, lazied, post pones, hindrance, dis courage, sur cease, tags along, de creases, walk, took out after, sat butt, hinder, bummed around, Inched, hang out, be quiescent, de lays, dis continuation, pro roguing, lateness, ex-tended, brought rear, bringing the rear, hangs down, bring to screeching halt, coolingoff periods, obstruct, de lay, diddledaddled, ex-tend, shleps along, sate one butt, poke, pro-rogues, Proroguing, schlepp along, mope, sits ones butt, prorogations, following a scent, re-mission, chokes off, encountering difficulty, sate on butt, close off, sat around, follow a scent, deliberateness, pre-vent, intermit, being delayed, re duce, inter fere, dis-continuations, pro-tract, laid over, pre venting, limped along, pro-rogations, sit on butt, bedog, hurt, pro longs, sits on one butt, retardated, reluctance, deliberation, diddle-daddle, slow, be-dog, sate butt, sitting around, pre-vents, with-holds, cooling-off period, plod, Sauntered, re duces, sate around, schlepped along, sit butt, Strolled, lethargy, diddle daddle, sur-ceases, demurral, is delayed, brings up rear, sate one's butt, Shelving, brings to screeching halt, apathy, diddledaddles, bum around, gets no place fast, sitting on butt, slackens, hanged down, take out after, re-duces, logjam, pro-longs, warmed a chair, closes off, spoored, cease, holds over, withholds, taking out after, prorogue, bringing to screeching halt, pro-rogued, sate on one butt, sur-cease, de crease, pro rogues, de-creases, followed a scent, leisureliness, be-dogged, hang down, hang up, sat on ones butt, trail behind, demurrals, hold ups, re pressing, closed off, warms chair, pokes along, moved slowly, shlepped along, sitting ones butt, remand, pro rogue, retardate, de-tain, cooling off period, loiterings, Downs, encumber, post pone, sitting on one's butt, sate on ones butt, lags behind, slows down, fall behind, tieup, drop back, de-lay, brings screeching halt, with hold, followed scent, ex tended, spooring, with holding, closing off, filibustered, re press, be-dogs, limps along, sits on butt, procrastination, sat one butt, sitting one butt, bringing screeching halt, nosing out, pre-vented, sits on one's butt, cunctation, brings up the rear, slowing down, coolingoff period, encountered difficulty, pro-rogue, kept back, slows up, Prolonging, lagged behind, pro-roguing, re-duce, re-pressing, delay, sat on one's butt, keeping back, halt, lingerings, de-laying, sit ones butt, got no place fast, stop, bringing up the rear, drops back, gains time, slowed down, scrounged around, scrounging around, tagging along, cooling off periods, de-lays, dis-courages, choked off, prorogues, bring up the rear, sits one's butt, tarryings, languor, bringing up rear, re strict, diddle-daddling, choking off, slowed up, with-held, lazying, pro-longed, am quiescent, pre vent, bedogging, encumbered, held over, being quiescent, Intermitted, inter feres, following scent, clog, warms a chair, move slowly, Prorogued, pro tract, retard, Remanding, stoppage, sits one butt, bided time, pro longing, put off, dilly-dally, fell behind.

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