Pronunciation of Forbear
/f_ˈɔː_b_eə/, /fˈɔːbe͡ə/, /fˈɔːbe‍ə/

Antonyms for forbear:

knuckle under, boils over, burned up, dis-please, involve, ex acerbates, anger, release, got on nerves, ex-cite, gotten on one nerves, getting on nerves, raises hell, steam up, gat one's nerves, gat on nerves, steamed up, get on one nerves, in-censed, stirring up, raise hell, let go, dis-proves, dis proves, re butted, dis-proved, indulge, gotten ones nerves, ex acerbated, meet, dis cusses, boil over, dis-proving, dis cussing, ex-acerbated, dis-pleases, de bating, ex-cites, lose ones temper, getting on ones nerves, dis-prove, bow, give in, got on ones nerves, allow, gotten one's nerves, concede, submit, gat mad, dis-confirming, ex citing, stirs up, steaming up, de-bated, in cense, in censing, in censes, ex cite, ex-asperated, in flames, got nerves, dis pleasing, miff, got one nerves, dis please, ex cited, gotten on one's nerves, miffed, in-flames, succumb, getting on one nerves, dis-cuss, Fretting, dis proved, ex-asperating, stir up, gotten on ones nerves, ex acerbating, stew, dis-cusses, de bate, ex asperating, got mad, getting ones nerves, get one's nerves, getting mad, gat one nerves, get on one's nerves, steams up, disconfirms, gets on one's nerves, use, de-bates, got on one nerves, ex-cited, de bates, burns up, burning up, go, disconfirming, dis-pleased, make sore, burn up, gall, re butting, dis prove, gets ones nerves, assist, ex asperate, getting one's nerves, start, Nettles, ex-acerbates, got on one's nerves, dis-pleasing, dis-cussing, burnt up, re-butted, boiling over, aid, dis confirms, gat ones nerves, get mad, dis pleases, continue, gets mad, in-flamed, boiled over, re-butting, restart, in flaming, get on nerves, got one's nerves, dis confirming, gat on ones nerves, in-cense, disconfirmed, surrender, dis confirm, gets nerves, raising hell, irritates, face, exacerbate, get one nerves, dis proving, ex-asperates, made sore, dis cuss, offend, gat on one nerves, umbraged, gotten on nerves, gets on ones nerves, out-raging, out rages, dis-confirms, gets on one nerves, out-raged, umbraging, accept, capitulate, disconfirm, free, keep on, got ones nerves, controvert, de-bate, gat on one's nerves, de bated, de-bating, stirred up, in censed, out-rage, begin, gotten one nerves, in flame, makes sore, dis-confirmed, gets on nerves, ex cites, ex asperates, dis pleased, ex-acerbating, making sore, acquiesce, out raged, gotten nerves, embitter, get on ones nerves, out-rages, gets one nerves, gat nerves, in-censing, in-flaming, in-censes, help, ex acerbate, in-flame, out raging, getting one nerves, get ones nerves, getting on one's nerves, lose one temper, gets one's nerves, in flamed, ex-acerbate, encourage, ex-asperate, raised hell, yield, provoke, dis confirmed, dis-cussed, dis-confirm, partake, getting nerves, get nerves, out rage, gotten mad, dis cussed.

Usage examples for forbear:

  • And he could not forbear to question her. - "Cruel As The Grave", Mrs. Emma D. E. N. Southworth.
  • One- if not two- must bear and forbear to be happy even on one's wedding day. - "Jackanapes, Daddy Darwin's Dovecot and Other Stories", Juliana Horatio Ewing.
  • Madame could not forbear a smile. - "East Lynne", Mrs. Henry Wood.

Quotes for forbear:

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