Pronunciation of Fuzzy
/f_ˈʌ_z_ɪ/, /fˈʌzɪ/, /fˈʌzɪ/

Antonyms for fuzzy

Undarkened, ex press, unambiguous, un-disguised, more unquestioned, un-doubted, out spoken, poles apart, more undemanding, bright, un mistakable, un-attached, seethrough, trans-lucid, undemanding, more evident, most piquing, obvious, noticeable, un disputed, on numbers, clearly defined, consistent, decided, un-concealed, silhouetted, ordered, un ambiguous, trans lucent, sharpcut, in-disputable, Tralucent, more graspable, direct, hit nail on head, more silhouetted, foursquare, pre determined, un alterable, re cognizable, ex pressed, dis crete, undimmed, most obvious, bulleye, dis-similar, honest, ex act, intelligible, more uncensurable, pre-scribed, more designful, clear-cut, undisguised, ex-posed, pre-arranged, open shut, more cinched, more well-marked, pre meditated, more exonerated, more undarkened, clear cut, un darkened, dis-united, bulls eye, dis-missed, un associated, unmistakable, de-finite, well-defined, Translucid, selfexplanatory, more unhampered, out-spoken, most wellmarked, cleancut, outspoken, un-mistakable, un-equivocal, unblurred, un-alterable, most uncensurable, most sharp-cut, un interrupted, express, un concealed, most witting, un clouded, most undarkened, more undimmed, bull eye, out and out, straightout, most enunciated, firm, palatable, un-limited, most unassociated, logical, most apprehensible, sunshiny, un-questionable, un blurred, light, bulls-eye, un defiled, comprehensible, more piquing, in evidence, cut fine, sure, more sharp cut, more recognizable, dead on, un-ambiguous, on the button, hairless, specific, most well marked, most sunshiny, more nailed, pellucid, most undimmed, un-subtlest, most undemanding, un tarnished, un-troubled, dis-crete, more sunshiny, Cinched, distinct, more sharpcut, bull-eye, unhampered, most unhampered, exact, more unassociated, in controvertible, most graspable, in bag, more expressed, recognizable, un-demanding, un-deniable, smooth, definite, trans parent, trans-parent, un qualified, pre-determined, sharp cut, de liberate, not vague, un-questioned, clear, un-subtler, on target, more witting, un dimmed, un subtle, un conditional, in tended, most undubitable, crisp, un-blurred, bull's eye, un-hampered, more sharp-cut, un-defiled, un subtler, most unquestioned, self explanatory, most absolved, on money, un-censurable, most expressed, Uncensurable, most exculpated, welldefined, certain, most undisguised, more enunciated, re-cognizable, in nocent, selfevident, more undisguised, un questioned, clear as a bell, most unblurred, most resolved, out right, bull'seye, in dividual, straightforward, open and shut, trans lucid, more tralucent, dis charged, Sharp-cut, clear as bell, unquestioned, un-associated, un deniable, pre-meditated, de finite, more pronounced, dis similar, out rightest, more precise, more wellmarked, wellmarked, clean cut, un complicated, unguarded, apprehensible, un impeded, out-right, in-tended, open, re served, drawn fine, loud enough, trans-lucent, more transpicuous, unassociated, re-served, most sharp cut, un doubted, see through, openhearted, un-disputed, un-impeded, un-dimmed, most designful, Designful, most recognizable, plainspoken, Transpicuous, well grounded, most sharpcut, most well-marked, frank, un-conditional, out-righter, strong, explicit, re-solved, witting, straight out, dis united, more translucid, more exculpated, un-darkened, in disputable, in-nocent, un erring, on button, un-complicated, un obstructed, more disunited, pre scribed, coherent, un troubled, forthright, more absolved, de-liberate, patent, in-dubitable, un-reserved, dis-charged, in-controvertible, most transpicuous, un-blemished, lucid, most nailed, defined, graspable, more clinched, un-qualified, ex-act, un equivocal, evident, un disguised, most silhouetted, more well marked, blatant, un hampered, most disunited, un-tarnished, more apprehensible, un-subtle, bullseye, understandable, straight, clearcut, fathomable, on the numbers, in-dividual, hit nail head, unequivocal, more resolved, un demanding, dis missed, ex-press, prearranged, out righter, wellgrounded, well marked, most exonerated, plain, self evident, in dubitable, un-obstructed, un-dubitable, ex posed, candid.