Pronunciation of Fat
/f_ˈa_t/, /fˈat/, /fˈat/

Antonyms for fat

more vshaped, more fine-drawn, more circumscribed, un-finished, more imponderous, most lightfooted, reedy, most y shaped, most pint sized, most incapacious, stilt, most confining, more worn-down, most tissuelike, anorectic, more atrophied, scraggy, most beanstalk, more pocket sized, like bag bones, more long limbed, scant, most gracile, vacant, smallish, more well-proportioned, more crotched, most v-shaped, low, not much, shrimpy, re-mote, more stinted, most dispersed, most gossamery, not large, in-substantial, fracturable, in-firmest, dead, linear, sharp-cornered, un-heavy, reedier, lean, skinny, attenuate, most pinched, longlimbed, more skin and bones, like a bag of bones, close, Bankrupted, gracile, skin-and-bone, in firmest, more gracile, toyest, un-sounder, niggardly, Incapacious, yshaped, un-persuasive, shortlived, weak kneed, more skeleton, starving, more wafer-thin, unheavier, most fagged, constricted, sharp cornered, spick and span, more shoestring, underweight, more shrivelled, scrimpy, more y-shaped, most pint-sized, most unpersuasive, more lightfooted, most malnourished, light footed, most weakkneed, more fretted, under nourished, most circumscribed, fine, mini, scarcity, un heaviest, Crotched, peakier, svelte, multitude, tightened, anatomical, well proportioned, more fracturable, impoverished, un persuasive, more skeletonlike, more minority, skin-and-bones, most constricted, scrimpiest, unfertile, in-fertile, most extenuated, skim, un frequent, de-terminate, gangly, under-nourished, more fagged, more anorectic, slight, more attenuated, in excess, wafer-thin, de solate, hardly enough, more balletic, un-common, shrimpiest, most crotched, most worn-down, scrimpest, most atrophied, wasted, attenuated, more mini, most longlegged, compressed, haggard, want, in consequential, more constricted, more peanut, sur-plussest, more incapacious, most contracted, more light footed, fine spun, most anorectic, more akimbo, semioccasional, more pinched, more poised, more lithesome, wellbalanced, unimportant, most long-limbed, more fine-spun, leggier, mass, snubbest, un common, more powdered, more shattery, beanstalk, more featherweight, un tenable, most linear, leggiest, hardly any, most long limbed, most lagniappe, sticker, more pint-sized, more skin-and-bone, more linear, under weight, wellgroomed, clean cut, unfavorable, in significant, un-pretentious, more tapered, elongate, more floatable, more paperthin, most skewed, bittier, incomplete, most finedrawn, more quality, polest, most y-shaped, more worn down, most poised, failing, straiter, fine-grained, most fine-drawn, un productive, sur plussest, most featherweight, in store, most tapered, runty, un-developed, more fine-grained, pre carious, most pocket-sized, in-consequential, more well proportioned, miniature, more sharpcornered, more divaricate, doghungry, most skin and bone, most broomstick, in adequate, in-distinct, too little too late, most osseous, more unfrequent, most shriveled, stretchier, most fine grained, most light footed, most semioccasional, widely spaced, more emergency, more long-limbed, shortish, necessity, empty, skimper, stickest, Plebs, most craving, skimpest, scarecrowish, wizen, subtiler, disadvantaged, more sharp-cornered, Subtile, deprived, un convincing, populace, most fine-grained, in-adequate, more dog hungry, runniest, well groomed, trans lucent, reediest, slim-waisted, slim, frail, dog-hungry, unproductive, more extenuated, willowy, more crossing, un-important, graceful, most paper thin, more pent, more skin and bone, stretchest, more bifurcate, more light-footed, more wellproportioned, trans parent, stilter, Spindling, gaunt, most v shaped, sub-tile, in conceivable, smallscale, waferthin, more sylphlike, more seldom, under-sized, most pent, more hungering, shallow, in-considerable, un-used, most beanpole, most powdered, sur-plusser, more y shaped, few, most small-scale, un cluttered, more waferthin, most well proportioned, angular, most pulverized, rank and file, short lived, most divaricate, un-frequent, broomstick, insignificant, un-productive, more long-legged, most pocketsized, insolvent, stalkiest, most longlimbed, most careworn, Unsufficient, bi furcate, most shattery, more stretched, more long legged, tiny, unpersuasive, most sharp-cornered, flying light, most hungering, de-solate, un-substantial, atrophied, most truncated, bitty, runnier, most stinted, like a bag bones, small, de finite, most balletic, more dog-hungry, most sylphlike, stark, most fine drawn, most staggered, more shriveled, more malnourished, neat as pin, most compressed, pint-sized, pocketsized, no fat, sur plusser, small-scale, bottleneck, trim, in fine fettle, see through, most weak-kneed, people, in firmer, more lagniappe, pint sized, most straggling, most uncluttered, most wafer-thin, thin, more starved, more weak kneed, be coming, more truncated, slender-waisted, more v shaped, most pocket sized, spare, most wafer thin, un-convincing, most perishing, most bifurcate, indebted, most long legged, more shadow, runtiest, most dog hungry, unheaviest, un-fruitful, drained, supple, pocket-sized, more unsufficient, un-heavier, more wafer thin, commoners, most shatterable, short, more contracted, more dehydrated, lack, more rattleboned, most finegrained, shriveled, un wanted, semi occasional, most lithesome, lithesome, long-legged, straitest, y shaped, Finedrawn, worn-down, more finedrawn, soft, most fine-spun, de terminate, pre-carious, peckish, un-occupied, un-cluttered, most stringbean, subtilest, Hungering, in-firmer, more beanstalk, withered, paper-thin, most intersecting, more perishing, un heavy, shrivelled, more dispersed, in-frequent, fine grained, limber, uncluttered, deficient, light, most worn down, more intersecting, in firm, lanky, shrimpier, un-sufficient, more confining, stiltest, like rail, most unfrequent, most skin-and-bone, not big, more skin-and-bones, not rich, most stretched, scrawny, hairlike, most shadow, most rattleboned, more skewed, most minority, super numerary, cleancut, shrimp, most niggardly, neat as a pin, trans-parent, under-weight, more gossamery, skimp, undernourished, more fine spun, more anatomical, spindle-legged, more fine grained, most shrivelled, most skeletonlike, snubber, most peanut, wimpy, v shaped, peaky, scarcely any, un sound, most mini, finegrained, most twiglike, exhausted, more uncluttered, un substantial, more longlimbed, stretchiest, most well-proportioned, mob, most quality, un heavier, be-coming, un-tenable, depleted, paperthin, most paperthin, few and far between, more lightsome, more paper thin, de hydrated, more weakkneed, well-proportioned, in fertile, pocket sized, insufficient, light-footed, featherweight, shy, lite, most vshaped, tissuelike, sub tiler, more sharp cornered, most option, semi-occasional, out side, skin bones, Imponderous, most light-footed, most anatomical, de-hydrated, most worndown, skimmed, most lightsome, more weak-kneed, spindle-shanked, small scale, in-credible, more stringbean, weakkneed, long legged, disadvantageous, anorexic, most skeleton, sinewy, thin as rail, poler, most sharp cornered, scrimper, in credible, stalkier, not too many, shrimpest, commons, most fine spun, more beanpole, un-sound, most paper-thin, scraggiest, wanting, un-commoner, most floatable, more than enough, in considerable, more undernourished, reduced, bony, spindly, few far between, most imponderous, lightsome, Floatable, most wellproportioned, crowd, ruined, more backup, fine drawn, shatterable, more twiglike, un commoner, ectomorphic, most waferthin, like a rail, rangy, more semioccasional, rattleboned, like bag of bones, sparse, narrow, waspish, meager, depressed, in good shape, inadequate, sub tile, more staggered, most attenuate, underprivileged, worn down, in-sufficient, un-wanted, runny, un occupied, most shoestring, wellproportioned, tight, seethrough, Stalky, paper thin, more compressed, skin and bones, in distinct, in frequent, Languishing, more careworn, in-conceivable, most unsufficient, un-believable, un finished, de-finite, skint, Shattery, more fine drawn, most long-legged, most seldom, fagged, more attenuate, most small scale, most taper, most undernourished, millions, poor, sunken-eyed, Gossamery, wishy washy, straitened, skin and bone, un-soundest, worndown, wimpiest, fine-drawn, vshaped, impecunious, un sufficient, careworn, more tissuelike, bittiest, wishywashy, most akimbo, scraggier, more unpersuasive, in substantial, re fined, most fracturable, more longlegged, super-numerary, stringbean, most attenuated, balletic, more worndown, stretchy, skeletal, slender, shoestring, divaricate, plebeians, Toyer, contracted, need, more finegrained, most skin-and-bones, skimpy, condensed, un commonest, un believable, sylphlike, little, under sized, more pint sized, long-limbed, runtier, most dehydrated, un sounder, twiglike, shrimper, more peckish, un fruitful, malnourished, more taper, trans-lucent, un-heaviest, emaciated, more broomstick, more v-shaped, most skin and bones, skeletonlike, lithe, wafer thin, bi-furcate, Fine-spun, Unfrequent, blank, most fretted, most crossing.