Pronunciation of Full
/fˈʊl/, /fˈʊl/, /f_ˈʊ_l/

Antonyms for full

in-consequential, awestruck, dis-robed, un-real, in-commensurate, most uncompleted, deserted, most depilated, unsanctioned, un used, most sating, more nothing, fractional, more denuded, un confirmed, poker-faced, pithy, insufficient, slightly, poor, most squandered, flat broke, un-soundest, more dried-up, empty handed, most germ-free, more squandered, Unbearing, dog-hungry, more cup-shaped, voracious, most worn out, unornamented, more lamebrained, in-solvent, in satiable, more tenantless, most vibrating, saggier, un intelligent, more unmeaning, delicate, de void, sinewy, left stranded, in-competent, un fruitful, uncompleted, un-expressive, plundered, in-apter, more hankering, most malnourished, pillaged, de parted, more quenchless, un obstructed, most pinched, most shrivelled, not in use, in-adequate, Purportless, bereft, emptyheaded, un couth, un-common, un believable, more macerated, in one birthday suit, most havenot, dis-infected, at end, Wonderstruck, more daydreaming, light, more deep set, most forceless, anorexic, in-scrutable, partial, in consequential, most vacated, in tense, most uncultivable, watery, scant, most have-not, un controlled, un taken, be-reaved, out cold, most hungering, most hankering, un furnished, most unmeaning, inexact, more fleeced, incurved, unsatisfiable, least, void, emptyhanded, un-usual, un tenanted, lassitudinous, more incurved, more nonplussed, starving, most cut, scraggy, un-sounder, no., wishywashy, more dog hungry, like a bag of bones, more ravening, haggard, nogood, skimpest, Fortuneless, in-sipid, un productive, in sincerest, more doublespeak, un covered, sylphlike, waterless, Depthless, most far gone, more unexpressive, un tenable, most famishing, un-qualified, most ravening, sparing, be-reft, un clad, un moistened, more bereaved, un qualified, unprolific, more uninfected, unpersuasive, out of, most rattleboned, more malnourished, twiggy, terse, most deep set, flying light, more unmoistened, deficient, most unpurposed, in fertile, un commoner, more negated, in-operative, most unornamented, un-satisfactory, scrimpier, niggardly, more far-gone, unprovided with, more expended, ravening, un-appeasable, in-fertile, exact, most lamebrained, most dispersed, unratified, most unprolific, more empty handed, more sagging, non-committal, most dog-hungry, de-solate, more unclothed, cupshaped, most unexpressive, Depilated, singular, out righter, most airheaded, uninspiring, un-availing, most unfertile, thin, Untaken, found wanting, most infecund, most lemon, more undernourished, most troughlike, mean, un-rewarding, sanser, free from, most voided, un-employed, un sounder, junkest, un-usable, without resources, more awestruck, in-active, lank, barren, waste, peaky, de-sert, dimpled, most divested, de-spoiled, wishy washy, most juiceless, more good for nothing, de hydrated, un-reasoning, in curious, unfurnished, most unenforceable, de siring, individual, un appeasable, dis-engaged, more robbed, restricted, most skin-and-bones, in-organic, starved to death, inadequate, un-critical, unfertile, most desiccated, un equal, un clothed, wipedout, unmeaning, concise, more airheaded, more stretched, driedup, in-effectual, rawboned, more weak kneed, in capable, more wipedout, dilute, de-stroyed, most characterless, more dimpled, in expressive, un expressive, be wildered, more unrobed, de-ceased, de solate, undernourished, importunate, most striated, unengaged, droopy, weakkneed, insatiate, malnourished, more rumbling, far-gone, in animate, in considerable, de-creased, more relinquished, few and far between, more bareskinned, toneless, hungry, more unengaged, empty headed, could eat horse, most slashed, dog hungry, un available, cutrate, doghungry, ex-animate, dis infected, in nocent, washedout, like bag of bones, more stinted, most masklike, in fecund, Non-existent, more avoided, uncultivable, de ceased, in-sincerest, most uncostly, more purportless, more unrewarding, uncostly, most skin and bones, be reft, most stinted, cut-rate, un-communicative, in effectual, down and out, needy, un-controlled, most germ free, nothing, most empty-handed, de-void, in-fecund, more waterless, in organic, slouchy, germ-free, hypo critical, in sincere, more attenuated, exanimate, unblocked, un-thinking, in-satiable, more glabrous, characterless, more suffering, un usual, most dehydrated, Cupped, stone broke, in-substantial, more dispossessed, dirt poor, searer, quenchless, in-expressive, most reverberant, wasted, more divested, carved out, troughlike, most doghungry, more unconfirmed, depleted, indeterminate, in tenser, most far-gone, in-curved, small, pasteurized, more craving, few far between, more disinfected, abbreviated, more evaporated, in-animate, most consumed, low grade, un-sound, un commonest, more hurting, in-sensate, in-dented, in valid, more uncultivable, more dog-hungry, un-moistened, pinched, more dispersed, un-taken, un finished, most lassitudinous, in utile, doubletalk, at loss, more gorging, trans-parent, none, nondescript, most doublespeak, esurient, in apter, out rightest, more untaken, more pauperized, Noway, thinned, un sanctioned, devoid of, havenot, sketchy, weak kneed, piggiest, more unprosperous, angular, in different, most beggared, more lassitudinous, un dressed, unprosperous, more poker faced, in-sufficient, more emptied, nowise, Droughty, most seldom, in-valid, un meaning, most attenuated, slouchier, most depreciated, in-frequent, more rattleboned, scrimpy, more shriveled, in operative, ransacked, having the munchies, most profitless, most evaporated, most dimpled, more weakkneed, more without, more hacked, more beanpole, more unreasoning, most hungered, part, most beanstalk, looted, ex animate, shelfest, doublespeak, un-obstructed, un reasoning, un bearing, out line, more vacated, most atrophied, semioccasional, compact, more skin and bones, most peeled, un-satisfiable, more infundibular, Sans, clangorous, in-curious, in dented, more alveolate, most collapsed, waspish, un rewarding, limited, more fargone, most despoiled, more slashed, more pinched, skin bones, more sating, peckish, like bag bones, willowy, most macerated, un-conscious, left without, most purportless, more have not, more clangorous, more infecund, more doghungry, most attenuate, Infecund, most sagging, defective, dead tired, most fortuneless, nominally, scarce, un cultivable, un substantial, shortish, most daydreaming, without contents, most dried-up, stripped, cut rate, more unfed, desiccant, more juiceless, in-credible, most unfurnished, gaunt, in-efficacious, sur face, most have not, broomstick, shoaler, most unconfirmed, slight, scrimpest, most disrobed, more uninspiring, crisp, in-capable, more profitless, more havenot, having munchies, un-quenchable, un robed, miserly, in scrutable, desolate, most cutrate, more have-not, scrawny, all in, un-filled, sparse, more wiped out, sansest, mild, wolfish, most evacuated, more peeled, underfed, most exanimate, sucked out, uninfected, more peckish, un comprehending, un inhabited, un-limited, most unratified, most infundibular, most cup shaped, more pasteurized, dis possessed, all-around, ex pended, un availing, un-marked, un usable, short, vacuous, blank, most denuded, skeletonlike, Hungered, un-impeded, vague, re-sounding, more driedup, more hungering, uninhabited, de sert, compendious, un-substantial, most untenanted, skin head, unconfirmed, most excavated, starved death, unrewarding, more outline, more loitering, most robbed, dull, in temperate, un prolific, de-contaminated, more troughlike, un satisfied, scrimper, rattleboned, low, scraggiest, ex posed, un thinking, most unfed, unquenchable, most decontaminated, more perishing, un ornamented, un-commoner, most wonderstruck, Voided, un completed, most undernourished, most uninspiring, most hurting, un-clad, unrobed, more wiped-out, null void, shy, impotent, skindeep, incomplete, skimper, deep-set, in frequent, unenforceable, scraggier, more depreciated, in sincerer, un-finished, out and out, most pasteurized, alveolate, most disinfected, most desiccant, most cupped, most outline, most broomstick, most germfree, ravenous, in need, abridged, most peckish, more voided, most poker faced, un-couth, most alveolate, wastest, lessened, no good, un sympathetic, shoalest, peakiest, doesnt cut it, reduced, de-relict, airheaded, most deep-set, overall, glitchest, more unenforceable, most wiped out, de stroyed, de-parted, no big deal, povertystricken, most negated, dis honest, most baldheaded, more dehydrated, stingy, dis-possessed, un-dressed, more pitted, more depilated, more unprolific, pruned, un-completed, more unornamented, reedy, most expended, in want, more cupshaped, drossiest, noaccount, un-successful, cadaverous, in birthday suit, more shaven, meagerly, out-line, non committal, in ones birthday suit, un-productive, sub-standard, in-nocent, un-essential, more depthless, stringy, never, more hungered, parted from, more unbearing, most stretched, famished, in substantial, most pitted, more atrophied, nebulous, in sipid, impoverished, de contaminated, drossier, most emptyhanded, re sounding, most weak-kneed, emaciated, un-prolific, un-purposed, exhausted, un-clothed, un-available, most beanpole, be-wildered, un-persuasive, too little too late, un hampered, skin-and-bones, un-believable, in-different, in-tensest, most shorn, in-effective, most sounding, used up, at a loss, in efficacious, not irrigated, most wipedout, un-tenable, in solvent, more starved, more toneless, infrequent, more uncostly, most unreasoning, insatiable, more yearning, in-utile, most glabrous, un costly, more cupped, most wolfish, sanitized, most insatiate, dis-tressed, thin as rail, marked down, most hacked, un engaged, most dried up, most niggardly, most driedup, newest, counterproductive, skeletal, beanstalk, re gular, not use, most deepset, not solid, in-conceivable, Unmoistened, null, most cut rate, behind eight ball, most craving, patchy, in-sincerer, meager, most wilting, fargone, un successful, un-convincing, non existent, droughtiest, poorer, have munchies, unlived in, un-embellished, un-ornamented, wane, un occupied, played out, wornout, more sapped, de-hydrated, lithe, flawed, poverty stricken, droughtier, most weakkneed, more excavated, de creased, most avoided, circumscribed, un touched, most esurient, slouchiest, in credible, unfed, more semioccasional, in effective, cut, un-bearing, uncritical, un enforceable, more lessened, in sensate, dis engaged, Drossy, un-tenanted, most relinquished, more unsanctioned, un exciting, on empty stomach, imprecise, weak, untenanted, not viable, more forceless, glitcher, trans parent, hollow, washed out, un sound, negligibly, un-robed, no-account, in curved, more unfurnished, most unprosperous, sapless, unspecified, lowgrade, un-fertile, de voted, weakened, more decontaminated, more cut rate, unexpressive, most bereaved, un-frequented, Unpurposed, scrimpiest, most awestruck, unsatisfied, trimmed, empty, most fargone, more untenanted, diminished, most emptied, dry, un-meaning, un-fruitful, most gorging, more echoing, in conceivable, unhampered, skin deep, un-equal, most double talk, skin and bones, more unpersuasive, semi occasional, under-nourished, most unhampered, un-occupied, scanty, in adequate, more moneyless, most depthless, anti septic, Baldheaded, in-sincere, un-confirmed, in-satiate, un persuasive, bareskinned, un-inspiring, more fortuneless, searest, dying to, un-blocked, germfree, more deep-set, most unengaged, dis tressed, unloaded, diluted, in complete, most pauperized, un conditional, dis-honest, bare, under privileged, more vibrating, most unsatisfiable, un filled, more unfertile, succinct, most lessened, devoid, more shorn, de-voted, un-exciting, more attenuate, ambiguous, semi-occasional, most nonplussed, most cup-shaped, straitened, counter-productive, most without, in sensible, most incurved, more striated, at an end, piggier, most perishing, more germ free, most fleeced, counter productive, un-touched, most unpersuasive, glabrous, anti-septic, narrow, un-enforceable, saggy, saggiest, most rumbling, to let, sur-face, shelfer, most poker-faced, more unhampered, septic, starved, most untaken, de spoiled, could eat a horse, under-privileged, more septic, peakier, truly needy, moneyless, most dog hungry, more sounding, dis concerted, more baldheaded, unoccupied, spindly, atrophied, more cup shaped, unreasoning, got munchies, watered-down, in-expensive, un-ratified, most decreased, most unsanctioned, most skeletonlike, most toneless, in-temperate, un quenchable, most dispossessed, more broomstick, un-responsive, un ratified, barely sufficient, more cut, un-cultivable, more seldom, more exanimate, de-siring, more evacuated, poker faced, Infundibular, in competent, out right, more germ-free, un-satisfied, juiceless, be reaved, more desiccated, lacking, un essential, more skin-and-bones, most muted, in expensive, ex-pended, un-important, straight out, most sapped, un infected, deepset, most yearning, sterile, un responsive, precise, un-comprehending, most tenantless, most wiped-out, more deepset, more esurient, germ free, not enough, wiped-out, more germfree, un-intelligent, re-gular, more unsatisfiable, de relict, more despoiled, forceless, lamebrained, more decreased, in-considerable, more wolfish, puny, drained, more double-talk, good for nothing, most good-for-nothing, un-inhabited, de-pressed, more unratified, in-sensible, most unrobed, most cupshaped, Tenantless, under nourished, deep set, un profitable, vacant, got the munchies, more unpurposed, weedy, broken, straightout, un-hampered, more reverberant, more wilting, un satisfactory, ectomorphic, dis-concerted, most good for nothing, ex-posed, more insatiate, summary, sub standard, leisure, have not, most nothing, most semioccasional, un prosperous, more collapsed, in satiate, cup shaped, clear, un-conditional, most quenchless, dried-up, in-tenser, un fertile, un-sanctioned, un critical, more beggared, meagre, unfinished, most double-talk, more beanstalk, more uncompleted, most doubletalk, de pressed, specific, un-infected, wanting, Famishing, un satisfiable, more muted, more emptyhanded, gotta have, un employed, more shrivelled, in-tense, most moneyless, specialized, most sapless, un common, brief, most empty handed, most unbearing, inferior, imperfect, un frequented, reverberant, Beggared, most unrewarding, bald, in significant, most echoing, shortened, more dried up, more far gone, un conscious, unfilled, dried up, most septic, un-costly, in-complete, Hungering, un embellished, in one's birthday suit, cup-shaped, un-used, un convincing, more famishing, birdbrained, out-righter, dis robed, more weak-kneed, out-right, in commensurate, un-furnished, un impeded, masklike, more cut-rate, uncomplete, most waterless, Hacked, bushleague, more desiccant, short of, all gone.