Pronunciation of Abundance
/ɐbˈʌndəns/, /ɐbˈʌndəns/, /ɐ_b_ˈʌ_n_d_ə_n_s/

Antonyms for abundance

crumb, in-adequatenesses, desiccations, mis-takes, exiguousness, pauperism, ex action, ex-action, tightness, non payment, fewness, in-effectiveness, in efficiencies, in-adequacies, rainlessness, skimpinesses, shortfall, in adequateness, un commonness, de hydrations, Leannesses, under-development, tough breaks, exiguities, modicum, dead horses, Necessitousness, non attendance, no show, piece, in-sufficiency, in competence, want, default, necessitousnesses, in-frequencies, in the hole, un-availabilities, tough luck, slenderness, can worms, destitution, ticklish spot, de fault, mouthful, dis-advantage, ticklish spots, dis coloration, drought, rough spots, pre-requisites, in adequacy, nonappearances, dis-regard, vacancy, in-competences, in-competency, iota, pre-conditions, in jury, de crease, pinch, sparsenesses, exiguity, in-efficiencies, inaptness, unholy messes, non-attendance, ace, dis tress, retrenchments, un-availability, de-faults, un-commonness, little, pre-requisite, pre-occupations, in hocks, faultinesses, pro-vision, holy messes, shrinkings, de creases, abjection, de-crease, de-merit, unavailability, in completeness, de-creases, underdevelopments, de merits, in-effectivenesses, pre occupations, de-hydration, saving, sparing, nonappearance, in competency, dis advantage, pittance, de privation, in efficacy, Non-appearance, pro visions, section, shot, over-sight, uncommonness, miss, incompleteness, dab, defectivenesses, abjections, un soundness, de-fault, insufficiences, de-privations, un-soundnesses, hard times, defalcations, pauperisms, pro-visions, uncommonnesses, dry spells, shortage, holy mess, shortness, inadequacy, in adequacies, pro-viso, fragment, in-sufficiencies, in effectualnesses, lack, in capacity, un-fitnesses, mis-take, in solvency, few, awols, impoverishment, in-competencies, in-efficacies, tough break, pro vision, pre occupation, desiccation, peanuts, dry spell, over sights, penury, defalcation, pre requisites, in-efficiency, no shows, in-solvency, in efficiency, sterility, famine, over-looking, fewnesses, need, over-sights, dis-tress, red inks, in-capacity, due bills, in-adequateness, in effectivenesses, pro viso, slim pickings, hard time, dot, non payments, scarceness, tightnesses, un-soundness, pro-visos, taste, mis take, in hole, in-adequacy, under developments, in effectiveness, Dehydrations, Insufficience, dis-tresses, in efficacies, hint, in-efficacy, in juries, sparsities, in-capacities, vital parts, unavailabilities, slim picking, inability to hack it, dead horse, mis takes, non-payments, in sufficiencies, over sight, dis-colorations, defectiveness, underdevelopment, un availability, slendernesses, mis fortune, slightnesses, in frequency, non appearances, Parchedness, marrings, mis fortunes, de-merits, ray, defect, rarenesses, infertility, in aptness, un availabilities, scrap, in hock, needs, scantness, exiguousnesses, pennilessness, portion, slightness, incompletenesses, nonattendance, de merit, nonattendances, dis regard, scarcity, privation, in completenesses, impecuniousness, under-developments, dash, imperatives, in competencies, dehydration, de-hydrations, Desiderata, distress, retrenchment, dis-coloration, rareness, meagerness, un fitness, pre possessions, dis colorations, sparseness, poverty, undersupply, pre-occupation, due bill, un-suitablenesses, dis tresses, un suitableness, ex-actions, inability hack it, non appearance, desideratum, deficit, mis-fortunes, barrenness, in sufficiency, under development, de faults, in adequatenesses, ex actions, sparsity, dis-regards, rotten luck, vital part, drop, un-suitableness, inadequatenesses, skimpiness, in-solvencies, dis-advantages, pre conditions, non-attendances, shrinking, inadequateness, de hydration, Neediness, pre-possessions, overlookings, in-frequency, in-jury, pre condition, un-commonnesses, in-effectualness, dis advantages, un commonnesses, rough spot, in effectualness, dearth, un-fitness, leanness, un fitnesses, dis regards, deficiency, shortnesses, in-aptness, paucity, penuriousness, de privations, whit, un suitablenesses, ounce, de-privation, jot, rotten lucks, pre-condition, in-completeness, inaptnesses.