Pronunciation of Mix
/m_ˈɪ_k_s/, /mˈɪks/, /mˈɪks/

Antonyms for mix

unmix, un-combines, dis criminated, untie the knot, dis-continuing, uncombines, dis connected, sunder, dis-joint, de domiciled, Unlink, un linked, compartmentalizing, sever, un couple, dis unify, bi-furcate, closes off, de domiciling, goes away, dis-entangles, un does, un-does, dis-continued, de part, relegate, un combines, break it off, unties knot, go different ways, de domiciles, singling out, relationships marriage alienate, ramify, un done, de-domicile, un combining, de-domiciled, Islanded, classify, de-taches, takes leave, de-parts, come apart, disunify, taking leave, came away, dis connects, disunite, drawing apart, compartmentalized, dedomiciling, put one side, dis-severed, un-links, dis criminates, un linking, dis jointed, put on one side, dis connect, spacing, part, de parts, puts on one side, unlinking, compartmentalize, disengage, un-combined, de-parted, un couples, dis continuing, dis entangle, dis tributes, un doing, broke it off, relationshipped or marriage alienate, dis entangled, bi furcate, dis unifies, codify, breaks it off, rope off, dis-severing, secern, discriminate, de-tach, dis-joins, draws apart, dis-continue, dis-unite, de-parting, dis connecting, stands between, dis uniting, dis-criminate, going different ways, un combine, un links, un coupled, bi furcating, relationshiping or marriage alienate, dedomicile, decouple, relationshipping marriage alienate, dedomiciled, goes different ways, dis joins, dis united, dis-jointed, going separate ways, untying the knot, dis unifying, disjoin, Uncombine, untied knot, clean, un-did, dis-connect, puts one side, Dichotomizing, bi furcated, untied the knot, uncomplicate, remove, dis severed, un-linking, un coupling, putting on side, compartmented, dis-severs, dis-tributes, Dichotomized, de-domiciling, disunifies, dis-entangle, de-domiciles, distribute, closed off, dissociate, purify, relationship marriage alienate, dis-unites, putting one side, dis criminating, dis-jointing, dis-joining, compartmentalizes, dis jointing, single out, compartmenting, dis-unified, disassociate, dis-criminated, singled out, dis join, dis-unify, unties the knot, draw apart, unyoke, dissever, going away, un link, divide, un-linked, unlinks, dis criminate, dis-uniting, dis-unifies, discern, decode, took leave, ropes off, de domicile, dis-connects, de taches, dis-entangling, dis-tribute, dis joint, dis-entangled, un combined, decrypt, disconnect, dis tribute, decipher, puts side, detach, coming apart, went separate ways, intervaling, bi-furcated, dichotomize, come away, disjoint, dis-sever, dis joints, brake it off, dis unites, comes apart, comes away, dis-criminating, un-link, dis unified, put on side, go separate ways, dis continued, differentiate, un-doing, de tach, drew apart, polarize, dis-unifying, de-part, dedomiciles, close off, dis joined, un-couple, dis-joined, relationshipped marriage alienate, breaking it off, relationshiping marriage alienate, de parting, dis sever, roped off, intervaled, un-coupled, disunifying, stood between, bi-furcating, dis-continues, de parted, separate, dichotomizes, ingredient, dis unite, dis-joints, dis entangles, distinguish, dis-connecting, Separating, un-coupling, putting on one side, uncombined, untie knot, stand between, bi-furcates, uncouple, assort, un-combining, uncombining, neaten, dis joining, un-combine, dis-connected, dis-criminates, dis entangling, dis severing, dis continues, disunified, segregate, relationships or marriage alienate, put side, dis continue, standing between, divorce, settle, closing off, bi furcates, dis-united, singles out, went different ways, putting side, un did, came apart, dis severs, coming away, dis-join.

Usage examples for mix

  1. Because I will not mix the blood of a traitor with my own. – Child of Storm by H. Rider Haggard
  2. They will mix in. – Heart Talks by Charles Wesley Naylor
  3. Not even Court could mix business and religion, for they won't fit together! – The Witness by Grace Livingston Hill Lutz

Idioms for mix

  1. mix it up, at mix it;
  2. mix up sb/ sth;
  3. mix sm up;
  4. mix with sth;
  5. mix sm or sth into sth;

Quotes for mix

  1. I mix Indian instruments with Western instruments all the time.
  2. The studio that we mix in is still in Chicago.

Rhymes for mix

  • nicks, pix, vicks, ricks, flicks, kicks, dicks, rix, wicks, wix, tricks, six, sticks, ticks, brix, nix, slicks, pricks, hix, bricks, clicks, bix, knicks, tics, nyx, fix, transfix, chicks, picks, styx, licks, cliques;
  • admix, conflicts, prolix, predicts, inflicts, affix;
  • intermix;