Pronunciation of Pretty
/pɹˈɪti/, /pɹˈɪti/, /p_ɹ_ˈɪ_t_i/

Antonyms for pretty

un relenting, dis gusting, more miscreated, white-bread, indecorous, un lovelier, unpalatable, not beautiful, dis-figured, most muted, horrid, un-holy, un-holiest, hellish, more foreboding, mis shapen, out spoken, hair raising, repugnant, wraithlike, in famous, commonplace, more horrifying, beastlier, in-tolerable, uncouth, bad looking, disturbing, unacceptable, homely, in tractable, more wraithlike, unpleasant, de testable, un-attractive, Lou, nasty, grisly, grotesque, un-sightliest, aggravating, loathsome, inapposite, inapt, fore-boding, terrible, Unbeseeming, revolting, clumsy, un-lovely, most white-bread, mis-created, more disfigured, de-testable, most workaday, trans-parent, un-canniest, repulsive, hateful, lachrymose, foul, most plain featured, irritating, dis agreeable, detestable, grody, unfitting, more bad looking, ill favored, unprepossessing, un-kinder, annoying, un-godliest, wrong, un shapely, most surrealistic, unshapely, in congruous, more corpselike, dis graceful, un-usual, dreary, gruesome, hard the eyes, macabre, perturbing, Unmeet, more teratoid, more antic, most unprepossessing, in human, un shapelier, mis created, untrained, fairier, intolerable, infuriating, in-exorable, depressing, more spinechilling, un canny, badlooking, blood stained, most miscreated, frightful, most glowering, unattractive, unskillful, de-formed, incompatible, most wraithlike, offensive, corpselike, sorrowful, awkward, not much look at, spine-chilling, more scowling, dis-agreeable, indecent, most plain-featured, un kinder, incongruous, un-shapeliest, un-shapely, un holiest, more hardfeatured, deplorable, god-awful, un usual, repellent, more spine chilling, sickie, inept, most blood-stained, insipid, more daunting, uncongenial, Blood-stained, most hard-featured, de formed, Dissatisfying, Unapt, un-comely, un-kindest, dolorous, flat, unsightly, most bad-looking, un earthlier, vexing, mis-shapen, upsetting, gorgonian, displeasing, more muted, more unprepossessing, un pleasant, abominable, stale, lamentable, un sightlier, malformed, most spine-chilling, not much to look at, unfit, more beast, re solute, unimposing, joyless, un-earthliest, unsatisfactory, un-godlier, un earthliest, un godliest, immoderately, un-sightly, dreadful, most sickie, ghastly, un cannier, good, dis-gusting, in tolerable, frumpy, un canniest, unsuitable, spine tingling, more mortuary, Pleasureless, lugubrious, hideous, un sightly, workaday, in-human, unappetizing, sickening, more hard featured, distasteful, most hard featured, un kind, disgusting, heartbreaking, un holier, grodier, witchy, un sightliest, infelicitous, un-shapelier, un godly, incapable, un-pleasant, ghoulish, un-earthlier, tedious, unreasonably, more glowering, spinetingling, most unbeautiful, hardfeatured, unseemly, most blood stained, disheartening, more blood stained, odious, intimidating, inappropriate, more unbeautiful, plain, open and shut, abhorrent, miserable, inflaming, unbecoming, unbeautiful, de-monic, un-seemliest, un loveliest, more whitebread, most plainfeatured, most antic, plainfeatured, super natural, illfavored, inapplicable, un shapeliest, un seemly, most hardfeatured, un lovely, doleful, more plain featured, un-seemlier, un-earthly, disagreeable, un attractive, re strained, un prepossessing, more plain-featured, graceless, plain featured, beastliest, unsavory, spookish, un-sightlier, de monic, frumpish, dull, most daunting, more hard-featured, more surrealistic, sur-realistic, more bad-looking, white bread, in-tractable, out-spoken, Outraging, more repelling, un-holier, nauseating, bad, most white bread, hard eyes, big as life, inexpert, un-yielding, un-cannier, dis-graceful, boring, malapropos, more white-bread, un-kind, most spine chilling, improper, un kindest, dismal, hard on the eyes, grim, more plainfeatured, un-beautiful, more blood-stained, more white bread, trans parent, most horrifying, un godlier, peeving, unqualified, stripped down, fairiest, incompetent, Revulsive, unaesthetic, horrible, ugly, forbidding, un holy, shocking, most splenetic, re-strained, maddening, fore boding, un-godly, most badlooking, Misbecoming, most scowling, hard on eyes, deformed, incensing, unwelcome, mournful, gloomy, Haggish, wretched, un inviting, bilious, bad-looking, unskilled, yucky, louest, unshapeliest, plain-featured, incorrect, most spinechilling, un seemliest, re-solute, surrealistic, un-prepossessing, tragic, un-natural, Hard-featured, un seemlier, unshapelier, regrettable, un earthly, sur realistic, un varnished, horrific, un-varnished, heartrending, un-lovelier, more badlooking, inadequate, most bad looking, in-congruous, spine chilling, more sickie, most disfigured, super-natural, ungainly, de-finite, whitebread, most foreboding, hostile, un-canny, spinechilling, un-inviting, dis figured, sad, hairraising, de finite, Teratoid, louer, most beast, unhappy, exasperating, distressing, un yielding.