Pronunciation of Affirm
/ɐfˈɜːm/, /ɐfˈɜːm/, /ɐ_f_ˈɜː_m/

Antonyms for affirm

over-turning, withhold, re tracts, dis annulled, with-hold, dis crediting, re-fuse, re fused, counter acted, dis mayed, dis missing, re peals, went back on ones word, counter, ex posed, bring naught, counter-vails, ex-posed, proved false, dis card, torpedoing, recant, eating one's words, nullify, over whelmed, dis missed, took out, re-buffing, re buffs, over throwing, turn down, re moved, dis-affirming, prove false, blue penciling, disannulling, reject, dis-believed, dis prove, bringing to naught, over throws, dis avow, re versing, in-validate, re-fused, blowing sky high, wash out, up sets, de-bate, calling all bets off, un-doing, re-peals, dis cussing, proves false, Torpedoes, dis mantles, worming out of, un-did, re strict, counter-vailing, with holding, dis claim, with draws, counter-ordering, re moving, re nigged, re-pealed, nigging, over-whelmed, dis-avows, go back word, re-moving, counter-balances, dis-believes, neglect, back out of, in-validates, shoot holes in, calls all bets off, dis avows, calls bets off, blue pencil, call bets off, nixing, be-grudges, forgets it, ate one's words, re butting, worm out of, blew sky high, Trashed, dis carded, overlook, dis credited, re-strain, deny, going back on one word, veto, dis mantling, counter acting, dis-proves, going back word, call all bets off, dis-cusses, counter-orders, controvert, declaring null and void, dis annul, up-setting, take exception to, dial back, called bets off, goes back on one word, dis-agreeing, ate ones words, over turns, with drew, renders null void, dis-confirms, goes back one word, counter-vail, in validates, re-nig, over comes, dis confirm, calls on, proved wrong, dis agreeing, disregard, with-holds, dis-believe, over-come, dis-avow, de bated, forgoing, counterordered, blue pencilled, dis annuls, un doing, dis-affirmed, challenge, over-comes, un does, dis carding, dis cuss, re-tracts, dis mays, dis allow, goes back word, going back on one's word, setting aside, Negatived, with drawn, over turning, render null void, nixed, rendering null void, calling bets off, taking exception to, nigged, over turn, in-validating, question, calling on, Negativing, knocksed props out from under, dis-mayed, renounce, poke holes in, dis-acknowledged, dis cusses, saying no to, dis may, dis owned, prove wrong, negate, dis-affirms, disconfirming, brings to naught, re pealing, not bought, went back word, goes back on one's word, going back one's word, dis-agree, dis-agreed, dis-annulled, be grudged, be grudging, unsay, Forgone, proving wrong, dis agrees, re-called, dialling back, knock props out, dis credit, torpedo, un-saying, going back on ones word, up setting, forget it, pokes holes in, de bate, counter-balanced, dis-carded, dialled back, re buff, disconfirm, un did, brings naught, dis-believing, dis-carding, dialed back, under-mined, weasels out, disconfirms, called all bets off, de-feat, counter-vailed, say no to, brought naught, re-move, dis mantle, forsake, keeping back, over throw, disannulled, dials back, rebut, up-set, over-threw, go back on ones word, dis affirmed, renig, backing out of, dis acknowledged, dis-cards, counter-acting, re verse, knocks props out, call on, dis-avowed, Disannul, proving false, re strains, dis-allowing, dis avowed, over-turn, negative, dis-prove, re strained, re buffing, dis-cussed, declare null and void, dis allowing, renigs, dis cards, dis-acknowledging, ate one words, forget, goes back one's word, renders null and void, knocking props out, dis-claims, dis claiming, enjoined from, dis-allows, re buffed, blue pencilling, declared null and void, over whelms, blue pencils, refute, goes back ones word, weaseling out, sets aside, dis-mantle, dis-mantled, knocksing props out from under, counter balancing, said no to, dis-maying, enjoins from, re-nigging, counterorder, dis-card, re-calling, going back ones word, dis-avowing, over-throwing, re-canted, re-butted, forgetting it, dis acknowledging, understate, counter-acted, re-moves, repudiate, dis acknowledge, dis confirms, dis-owned, ate words, eating one words, re strain, disprove, dis claimed, dispute, eating words, over threw, re pealed, counter orders, re-canting, gainsay, be-grudged, under mined, knocked props out, dis-acknowledge, nig, over-throw, in validate, declared null void, over-came, go back on word, in validating, dis allows, un say, dis proves, counter vailed, Tabooed, taking out, up set, vitiate, poked holes in, go back one's word, knocking bottom out of, dis-credited, not buy, turns thumbs down, dis-allowed, dis-acknowledges, dis-missing, set aside, dis owning, knockses props out from under, eat one words, declare null void, enjoining from, dis affirms, dis allowed, re calling, dis proved, de feat, dis-proved, abandon, re-tract, in validated, dis-proving, dis-may, over thrown, dis maying, weaseled out, de bates, dis-mantles, dis believed, dis avowing, re-buffed, re canted, went back on one word, re straining, dis-confirm, be-lying, ignore, dis-claim, dis-annulling, de bating, torpedoed, belie, washes out, Tabooing, dis agreed, over whelming, rendering null and void, counter balances, dis claims, disannuls, counter-act, over whelm, re-strained, dis-mantling, over-whelming, re-buffs, Parried, dis-claimed, with drawing, rendered null void, re fuse, under-mining, eats words, re-nigs, de-feats, blue penciled, re canting, dis agree, counter balance, finding unfounded, re-butting, dis-agrees, kept back, re nigging, renigged, renigging, says no to, with holds, declares null void, enjoin from, dis-crediting, revoke, be lying, de-bated, dis mantled, with hold, bringing naught, forgot it, eats ones words, eating ones words, dis-credits, backed out of, dis affirming, dis-confirming, dis believing, dis-cussing, declaring null void, dis annulling, called on, knocks props out from under, counter-order, brought to naught, dis-annuls, ex-pose, dis-cuss, re-versed, shoots holes in, found unfounded, re-nigged, go back one word, over-whelms, over-thrown, go back on one's word, re fuses, in-validated, with-draw, disavow, dis affirm, render null and void, counter vails, dis-credit, re peal, dis confirming, counter order, spurn, not buys, confute, eat one's words, eats one's words, knocked bottom out of, backs out of, over came, re tract, counter-ordered, counterorders, took exception to, ex-posing, be-grudge, turn thumbs down, over-whelm, be-lied, re calls, counter acts, with draw, NIGS, dis proving, be-grudging, with-held, un-say, re nig, dis confirmed, wormed out of, de feats, re-call, re-strains, turning thumbs down, over-coming, counter-balance, dis-affirm, counter balanced, counter vail, dialing back, counter vailing, with held, went back one word, de-bates, takes exception to, be grudges, dis-owning, dis-missed, go back ones word, goes back on word, washing out, be grudge, re-strict, counter ordering, bring to naught, dis believes, with-drew, un done, be lied, un-does, dis-allow, forgat it, shooting holes in, re fusing, finds unfounded, counter ordered, washed out, keeps back, proves wrong, knocks bottom out of, re move, taboo, re nigs, rendered null and void, with-drawing, counter-balancing, poking holes in, eat words, over come, dis-mays, not buying, dis-confirmed, dis believe, dis acknowledges, blow sky high, declares null and void, keep back, re-straining, blows sky high, goes back on ones word, up-sets, disconfirmed, dis-annul, withholds, counter act, dis credits, ex pose, counterordering, dis-claiming, re-calls, de-bating, unsays, minimize, counter-acts, with-drawn, under mining, dis cussed, re butted, re-verse, turned thumbs down, over coming, over-throws.