Pronunciation of Perceive
/pəsˈiːv/, /pəsˈiːv/, /p_ə_s_ˈiː_v/

Antonyms for perceive

over-rating, under-valuing, is partial, overvalues, dis-regards, mis-construing, mis read, misconjectured, am the mark, Misthought, dis-regard, under rate, miscomprehended, dodge, is unfair, over-looks, is at cross purposes, mis-counting, drop ball, being mark, mis-known, mis-thinks, mis estimate, get wrong impression, being at cross purposes, mis-takes, be perplexed, be confused, being the mark, wast at cross purposes, take amiss, mis-knows, gets signals mixed, missed by a mile, mis-thought, mis-took, misknew, Not know, dis regard, art mark, over rated, are partial, mis-reckoned, are at cross purposes, are cross purposes, wert misled, be wrong, mistranslating, mis applies, came hasty conclusion, be mark, mis took, gat wrong impression, mis-apply, mis-conceive, miss by a mile, mis deemed, mis counted, over-estimates, under rated, miscounted, am partial, Dogmatized, mis-comprehends, mis estimates, being overcritical, barked wrong tree, over estimating, mis-judged, over-valued, taking wrongly, mis translate, mis understood, mis interpreted, were the mark, mis reads, mis-translate, dogmatizes, deceived oneself, dis-regarding, art bewildered, misses by a mile, are the mark, get signals mixed, disregard, mis thought, gat signals crossed, mis apprehends, mis applying, took amiss, misconjecturing, mis-reckons, over estimate, getting wrong impression, under-estimated, mis taking, dropped the ball, missed point, be at cross purposes, Overvaluing, over-estimated, slips up, be cross purposes, mis interprets, be unfair, deceives oneself, mis know, art unfair, mis-construe, not register, are perplexed, under values, drop the ball, was overcritical, misinterpret, misses point, wert unfair, over valued, dogmatize, mis conjecture, mis-think, mis-estimated, mis-conjecture, get wrong, not knew, mis-apprehended, under-valued, mis-estimate, mis construing, made mess, mis take, dis-counts, mis conjectured, made a mess, taking the wrong way, misdeems, over looks, mis conceives, over rate, dis regarding, barks up wrong tree, mis apprehend, gotten signals mixed, mis-understands, is the mark, being bewildered, mis estimated, Misdeem, missing point, are confused, over estimates, wast off the mark, am overcritical, mis apprehended, pre supposing, drops ball, under rates, miss point, missing by a mile, mistranslates, pre supposes, mis known, take wrong way, wert at cross purposes, pre-judged, under-rate, mis calculated, having wrong impression, makes mess, offer, dropt the ball, mis construes, deceive oneself, mis calculating, mis-deem, over value, missed boat, had wrong impression, got signals mixed, Overvalued, hast wrong impression, bark up wrong tree, was wrong, takes wrong way, going wrong, mis-taking, mis deem, are overcritical, have wrong impression, putting foot in, mis-conjectured, coming hasty conclusion, mis-calculates, mis judges, under valued, over-estimate, barked up wrong tree, art the mark, is off mark, mis deeming, being cross purposes, am at cross purposes, be partial, comes hasty conclusion, drops the ball, mis-calculate, took for, missed the boat, under value, mis-comprehended, gotten wrong impression, mis interpreting, mis-conjectures, has wrong impression, were partial, not registered, pre-judging, miscounting, bark wrong tree, mis-reckoning, mis deems, under estimating, am cross purposes, was mark, overestimated, came to hasty conclusion, dis counting, art partial, gets wrong, misconjectures, mis apprehending, over-rate, was cross purposes, pre suppose, art perplexed, mis-comprehending, mis reading, am wrong, was at cross purposes, art overcritical, wast the mark, mis apply, over-look, took wrongly, being perplexed, misdeeming, taking amiss, mistranslated, mis-deemed, are bewildered, art confused, missed by mile, overvalue, over-estimating, misapprehend, misdeemed, art misled, mis-counted, under-rated, mis-applies, went wrong, are unfair, mis-understanding, be misled, under estimates, mis-counts, mis-translating, over rates, under-estimating, overestimating, mis-applied, give, took the wrong way, slipped up, misses the point, mis-construes, under-values, Misconstrued, wast overcritical, missed the point, miss the boat, over look, take wrongly, over values, dropped ball, not knows, mis-know, mis-apprehend, was bewildered, missing boat, pre judges, miss boat, were at cross purposes, mis-conceiving, being off mark, art wrong, am bewildered, dis-regarded, over-valuing, ignore, wast mark, was the mark, mis-read, mis thinking, mis reckoning, mis comprehend, am mark, go wrong, wert mark, mis-reading, over-rated, pre-suppose, is bewildered, under-value, being misled, slipping up, dis counts, mis judging, wert cross purposes, is cross purposes, making a mess, get signals crossed, wast cross purposes, haddest wrong impression, pre-supposed, misses boat, pre-judges, wert perplexed, mis-translates, puts foot in, takes wrongly, take the wrong way, takes for, is confused, gets signals crossed, dis regarded, dis torts, mis-applying, dis tort, mis translated, dis counted, under rating, come to hasty conclusion, over valuing, being unfair, being confused, make a mess, mis-knowing, miss the point, make mess, pre-supposing, take for, mis-estimating, were perplexed, over looked, mis-judges, dropping ball, were cross purposes, dis-counted, wert wrong, wast off mark, were mark, missing by mile, mis-translated, is wrong, dropt ball, being partial, were misled, were confused, was perplexed, am off the mark, was unfair, mis estimating, were off mark, barking up wrong tree, are off the mark, mis counting, mistranslate, pre-supposes, taking for, misjudge, wast partial, missing the point, was off mark, wast misled, over-looking, mis comprehending, am off mark, slipt up, slip up, mis counts, mis construed, makes a mess, mis judged, under-rating, under-estimates, overlook, misknowing, put foot in, mis calculate, miss by mile, misthinks, mis-apprehending, wast bewildered, dis-torts, coming to hasty conclusion, mis think, were bewildered, overestimate, mis-calculated, art at cross purposes, Misthink, over rating, mis translating, disbelieve, be overcritical, are wrong, not registers, were wrong, misestimate, mis construe, is perplexed, being off the mark, not knowing, comes to hasty conclusion, under estimate, wast confused, wert off the mark, mis understands, mis knows, overpass, was partial, be the mark, taking wrong way, dis-counting, miscomprehends, mis-deems, over-rates, hadst wrong impression, is overcritical, mis conceive, over-value, mis-knew, barking wrong tree, mis understanding, am perplexed, mis translates, misunderstand, takes the wrong way, wert off mark, gat signals mixed, mis-thinking, mis-interprets, pre judging, misknows, mis-calculating, mis reckon, were off the mark, Miscomprehend, Dogmatizing, mis-reckon, getting signals crossed, mis comprehended, missing the boat, was off the mark, mis applied, mis conjectures, mis-construed, misconceive, mistake, mis taken, am unfair, mis knowing, misthinking, art cross purposes, wert overcritical, is off the mark, getting signals mixed, mis conjecturing, over estimated, pass over, come hasty conclusion, miscomprehending, dis-tort, mis calculates, mis-take, mis-understand, overestimates, Misconjecture, under-estimate, got wrong, wert bewildered, mis-conceived, pre supposed, deceiving oneself, dis regards, mis-conceives, neglect, making mess, dropping the ball, gotten signals crossed, mis reckoned, were overcritical, mis-taken, mis conceiving, misses the boat, is mark, avoid, being wrong, miscalculate, mis-reads, barks wrong tree, mis-apprehends, was confused, got wrong impression, were unfair, wert the mark, got signals crossed, wast perplexed, is misled, mis knew, wast wrong, took wrong way, mis-deeming, am confused, gets wrong impression, mis takes, getting wrong, mis-judging, hath wrong impression, mis understand, be off mark, be off the mark, mis-comprehend, under estimated, mis-interpreted, lose, takes amiss, misconstrue, misknown, not registering, Misknow, under-rates, pre judged, mis-estimates, be bewildered, miss, mis comprehends, wert confused.