Pronunciation of Calculation
/kˌalkjʊlˈe͡ɪʃən/, /kˌalkjʊlˈe‍ɪʃən/, /k_ˌa_l_k_j_ʊ_l_ˈeɪ_ʃ_ə_n/

Antonyms for calculation

incident, pre-sentiments, boo-boo, stack-ups, say so, mis statements, fanaticism, mis trusts, pre sentiments, dis-trust, mis-interpretation, imaginings, slip of tongue, crack-ups, mis-statements, non-beliefs, gaffe, nonbelief, underestimations, mis-conception, mis steps, sayso, booboos, ecstasy, fore-telling, in credulities, fender-benders, pre-dictions, dis trusts, indiscretion, in tuitions, misprint, mis adventures, intensity, question, mis-conceptions, accident, in-advertence, in-tuition, non beliefs, presupposition, theorization, stack up, mis apprehensions, prevision, nonbeliefs, pre supposition, wrackup, rear enders, mis-calculation, mis applications, in certitudes, mis fortune, mis adventure, be lief, mis-apprehensions, theory, mis-application, pro visions, rapture, crackup, over sight, under-standing, mis-interpretations, mis-applications, happening, misconception, presumption, sneaking suspicions, fervency, in-accuracies, mis giving, un-certainty, mis print, zeal, shot the dark, mis application, pre-mise, crackups, under-estimations, apriorisms, crack ups, mis-print, imprudence, be-lief, out look, Dubiosity, fortuity, mis judgments, un-certainties, casualty, mis-steps, ardor, conjecture, hazard, sur mise, out looks, pre-diction, surmisal, mis calculation, rear ender, misadventure, under standings, in credulity, pro vision, gut feeling, calamity, shot, theorizings, un certainties, mis conceptions, stab the dark, inspiration, pre-sentiment, belief, bad vibe, Apriorism, fervor, theorizations, over estimations, mis judgment, overestimations, chance, bad vibes, underestimation, in accuracy, fenderbenders, supposal, wrack-ups, sur-mise, carelessness, acceptings, pre mises, mis interpretation, mis takes, out-look, mis-statement, mis-giving, mis-apprehension, mis prints, under-standings, surmise, point view, vehemence, over estimation, mis-judgment, mis-take, over-sights, extravagance, sur mises, Dubiosities, false moves, fender-bender, stack ups, pre dictions, hypo thesis, guess, over-estimations, sneaking suspicion, stack-up, pre vision, contingency, lack of confidence, pre-vision, crack-up, eagerness, in tuition, mis-fortunes, stab dark, postulation, fenderbender, pre mise, un certainty, in advertences, hypothesis, excitement, pro-visions, pre suppositions, pre-visions, hap, earnestness, in certitude, over sights, mis-adventures, enthusiasm, over-sight, overestimation, mis statement, mis-adventure, assumings, gut feelings, under-estimation, supposals, sur-mises, surmisals, pre-supposition, in-accuracy, mis fortunes, pro-vision, lack confidence, mistake, thesis, thoughtlessness, wrack up, misfortune, mis conception, Formularization, wrack ups, dis-trusts, boo-boos, pre-mises, stab in dark, mis-takes, misprints, mis-trust, codifications, over-estimation, opinion, non-belief, mis-prints, perhap, in accuracies, re actions, in-tuitions, guesstimate, under estimation, mis-calculations, mis trust, codification, wrackups, previsions, foretellings, non belief, in-advertences, stackups, disaster, mishap, dis trust, pre visions, under estimations, mis take, guesstimates, in-certitudes, possibility, suspicion, booboo, frenzy, fore telling, out-looks, adventure, under standing, hypo-thesis, warmth.