Pronunciation of Chief
/t͡ʃˈiːf/, /t‍ʃˈiːf/, /tʃ_ˈiː_f/

Antonyms for chief

subordinate, off center, Brancher, non essential, more reserve, assistant, hatchet manwoman, under-neath, peoner, morsel, twerp, sub-ordinate, fluker, hatchet man-women, sub-sequent, more underaverage, slavey, most underneath, de-pendent, more second-fiddle, most sideways, right-hand manwoman, re placements, below the mark, under, dis-posed, more second hand, second-fiddle, agent, representants, councilors, right-hand manwomen, co-adjutants, under average, follower, right-hand man-woman, more subjugated, more enslaved, more second string, dogcatchers, more skirting, most by-the-way, re-placement, more satellite, small-fry, auxiliary, co incident, most aiding, sidewise, poor relation, assembly members, temporary worker, Councilor, lower, de-rived, incidental, most reserve, lieutenant, retainer, temporary workers, second in command, more small fry, zilch, tributory, most smallfry, in direct, de-pendents, most adjuvant, more accessory, subsidiary, more adjunctive, most nether, Representant, last, sub-best, more entrylevel, colleague, secondstring, re lief, ally, below mark, Subalternate, cooperators, bottom-rung, unnecessary, poor, righthand manwomen, Derivate, more entry level, factor, ancillary, extra, hanger on, hatchet man women, promoter, most sideward, menials, second in commands, right hand manwomen, hatchet man woman, Non-essential, sub normal, lowly, subnormal, under-average, Substract, righthand persons, at ones feet, entrylevel, more bottom rung, operator, secondfiddle, pro-nest, para-professional, re-liefer, most skirting, underling, more aiding, apprentice, dis posed, most resulting, more second fiddle, in-consequential, nobody, more underneath, re presentative, dependents, confirmatory, most bottom rung, most abetting, in-considerable, most adjunctive, right-hand persons, bound by, at one feet, not the main, hatchet man-woman, most derivate, yes person, underaverage, in consequential, re-lated, not lineal, second-hand, more subnormal, in considerable, re liefer, sideward, most secondstring, more backup, sub-alternate, most entry-level, more adjuvant, servant, sub missive, less, fellow worker, hatchet manwomen, henchman, small fry, Insignificancy, right hand people, at one's feet, snippersnapper, accomplice, reliefer, second-string, more sideward, employee, fellow workers, cooperator, Co-operator, nonessential, more resultant, worker, most appurtenant, doer, at feet, co ordinate, right hand person, most small fry, whippersnapper, yesperson, de legates, back seat, instrument, more nether, under neath, un-important, most subjugated, co-operators, in-direct, more under, most under, more sidelong, most satellite, most junior, un-equal, un equal, most younger, most second-banana, subbest, branchest, most second fiddle, performer, most second banana, bottomrung, minor, paraprofessional, bottom rung, more smallfry, not main, inessential, more tributory, side, re-placements, appurtenant, more substract, replacement, reliefest, right-hand person, inferior, third strings, small time, minorleague, most subnormal, sub altern, more sidewise, second-in-command, co operative, second-in-commands, de-legate, bushleague, de rived, adjunctive, most backup, re-liefest, sub best, dwarf, most tributory, co-ordinate, most contributing, paraprofessionals, adjuvant, offcenter, right-hand people, associate, co adjutants, partner, most subaltern, more second-string, insignificant, sub-altern, ex posed, more confirmatory, most bottom-rung, re placement, supporting, second-banana, confederate, most sidewise, subject, actor, co adjutant, by-the-way, re-lief, zero, secondbanana, sub-ordinates, co-adjutant, mover, de-legates, more second banana, more secondstring, righthand manwoman, flukest, companion, sub sequent, most second-fiddle, in danger of, most underaverage, most entrylevel, ex-posed, shrimp, assembly member, more derivate, re-serve, helper, most confirmatory, juniors, most second string, co-operative, right hand manwoman, sidelong, more assistant, right hand persons, nonentity, most second-string, more bottom-rung, more bottomrung, lesser, most incident, re-presentative, de legate, righthand people, poor relations, second hand, most second hand, most second-hand, most secondbanana, more contributing, de pendents, second, dogcatcher, cipher, twobit, in significant, collateral, co operators, reliever, entry-level, more entry-level, most secondfiddle, steward, para professionals, most substract, most resultant, more subalternate, sub ordinate, Temps, most bottomrung, sub-normal, sub alternate, re serve, unimportant, coadjutor, de pendent, most assistant, most sidelong, subber, secondary, co operator, least, pro visional, more small-fry, deputy, more secondfiddle, most accessory, sub ordinates, more incident, more second-banana, most subalternate, most enslaved, more second-hand, succorer, more younger, co incidental, junior, more abetting, co-incident, most small-fry, more subaltern, bad, more resulting, co-incidental, third string, right hand man woman, smallfry, more appurtenant, means.