Pronunciation of Secondary
/sˈɛkəndəɹi/, /sˈɛkəndəɹi/, /s_ˈɛ_k_ə_n_d_ə_ɹ_i/

Antonyms for secondary

beyond compare, more finer, hurryup, more amoebic, Gilt-edge, most self governed, most natal, in beginning, inbuilt, cellular, natal, most coal and ice, toppriority, nuclear, highly regarded, ad rem, hind most, most obtaining, all-important, more obtaining, premier, most impelling, fab, simplex, most earmarked, dominant, most calledfor, all-powerful, mainline, worthwhile, un rivalled, material, more highcaliber, superior, overriding, source, radical, more splendiferous, axial, sublime, de-luxe, solidgold, three r, more necessary, running in the family, more name of the game, most part and parcel, telling, un-avoidable, most meat-and-potatoes, pioneer, paramount, more maxi, most toppriority, prime of life, more than halves, more high-caliber, inter-mediate, de finite, un-equalled, un-equaled, minimal, lions share, in born, re gular, more solidgold, most rockbottom, most highpriority, more ground, wellknown, most nonliterate, more qualifying, voting age, more portion, most foundational, more superincumbent, useful, foreman, un-derived, firstrate, most centroidal, more preparing, burning, more unmatchable, nitty gritty, latter most, righthand, most part-and-parcel, important, namer, amoebic, pro-found, underlying, basic, super-natural, in-dispensable, more first-string, unrivalled, more factor, monarchial, head the line, most amoebic, most overlying, fundamental, more pilot, unmodified, more crackerjack, best part, transcendent, hypo-thetical, un-acquired, in-imitable, more prize winning, special, in-sufferable, under-lying, most pilot, most finer, most pre eminent, more name-of-the-game, most coal-and-ice, over riding, in most, jefe, most smashing, more self-governed, most self-governed, select, most high priority, nether-most, high-grade, boss man, out this world, fivestar, more compulsatory, most basement, highminded, preeminent, Plasmic, best, more prevalent, most all-important, most five-star, more nonpareil, more applicative, most bottom-line, substratal, top the list, fabbest, most axial, most selfgoverned, most constituting, more part-and-parcel, first rate, highhanded, integral, out righter, in finite, more defined, legal maturity, most irremissible, more bidding, more nuclear, more natal, far reaching, tip top, at the cutting edge, re-gular, most nittygritty, primary, flyest, more front page, more apical, more climatic, all time, more outweighing, more uncomplex, indispensable, transmundane, more hurry-up, premium, life or death, component, more sustaining, deep rooted, more umbilical, un-spoiled, more telling, most uncomplex, trans mundane, head of the line, capital, most exceeding, main, max, un commoner, most ahead, more life-or-death, more demanded, in-wrought, essential, major, un equalled, de terminate, egregious, right front, para-mount, deep seated, un-alterable, un-surpassed, more capping, more monarchal, right hand, more predominate, second to none, more surpassing, first-rate, more nitty gritty, majorleague, more out of sight, pre-requisite, most called for, importunate, most opening, most underlined, grand, Supereminent, un-real, pre siding, most beginning, most fundamental, most midmost, over lying, most rock-bottom, in dividual, more basement, chips down, most apical, un derived, Primogenial, meat-and-potatoes, un equaled, more guiding, foundational, prize-winning, over bearing, more grass-roots, more undisguised, more plasmic, more midtown, three rs, super-human, running family, unequalled, more worldclass, sufficient, life and death, out of world, in grain, touch go, farreaching, out-weighing, most factor, over-balancing, greater parts, initial, more exceeding, Unacquired, more unexampled, over-sized, un-common, more something, of substance, un-matchable, staple, un-complex, in-tolerable, redletter, bottomline, more self governed, in-built, more inaugural, of higher rank, master, more top-priority, middlemost, most solid gold, re-levant, more impelling, most unbroken, choice, pre-dominant, more abcs, ex press, most high caliber, under-lined, most ingredient, more hotshot, crucial, heinous, at the leading edge, more all-powerful, urgent, in divisible, more foundational, downtown, more substratal, most umbilical, un civilized, most giltedge, more exploratory, un alterable, sans pareil, sub-lime, part of, in sufferable, most overshadowing, second none, un paragoned, more transcending, more irremissible, mattering much, builtin, more life or death, re quired, most top priority, more rock-bottom, avant garde, foremost, more supereminent, running the family, more underivative, most preparing, bigleague, most nuclear, five-star, de fined, top flight, over used, most mainline, more five-star, in built, more ranking, touch and go, un disguised, cardinal, un-limited, maxes, all important, first-class, in the beginning, more solid-gold, highclass, maxer, most nitty-gritty, more front-page, exceptional, most ideal, prevailing, more monarchial, most predominate, most hotdog, more axial, most first string, un-derivative, more anatomical, extra-ordinary, incomparable, more cellular, apical, more unrivalled, pre cursory, more hurry up, top of list, in voluntary, most right-hand, super eminent, captain, un-usual, high, in-dividual, more rockbottom, most inwrought, un rivaled, large scale, undisguised, most name of the game, re-quired, most division, most business, most precursory, name of game, firstclass, un spoiled, most world-class, sub lime, more bottomline, most unequalable, most midtown, in the grain, most second to none, most unmatchable, un-surpassable, A 1, more nittygritty, de lightful, allimportant, un complicated, more bottom line, more readying, Omphalic, more second-to-none, more prominent, stock, un surpassable, most ground, most inbuilt, more inductive, alltime, taskmaster, over-shadowing, most superincumbent, drinking ages, self governed, un-evolved, more bottom-line, applicative, predominant, bottom-line, un matchable, most ranking, legal maturities, biotic, fore most, deepseated, more high caliber, re-splendent, world-class, most omphalic, un usual, hurry-up, most unexampled, a cut above, most hurry up, most life or death, topsest, mid-way, selfgoverned, most solidgold, most designated, un cultivated, top list, under lined, numero uno, most defined, most guiding, un cultured, centric, more unequalled, organic, un-paragoned, more underived, most unacquired, upper most, leader, more prize-winning, most right hand, Choate, super incumbent, savage, largescale, gilt edge, more world-class, most outweighing, leadest, over balancing, necessary, most front page, Compulsatory, front page, most transcending, un-disguised, un-rivaled, pre vailing, part parcel, over-used, more inwrought, part-and-parcel, farther most, world class, pre dominant, most surpassing, climatic, of note, most underived, running in family, out ordinary, pre eminent, most prizewinning, nittygritty, nubber, most called-for, most pointful, most something, in-tact, incumbent on, consequential, overlying, deciding, more overruling, un common, in demand, de-lightful, huge, un modified, more opening, most life-or-death, more giltedge, Unequalable, most gilt edge, more world class, upper-most, ripe age, lower most, wanted, drinking age, un derivative, more smashing, most overbalancing, most primary, un defeated, umbilical, sub-stratal, high handed, most five star, most front-page, more grass roots, most grass-roots, native, un-exampled, more unequalable, ruling, over-ruling, more called for, mid town, at cutting edge, fore-most, more top priority, under-most, pre paring, more unbroken, most unmodified, grandest, trans-mundane, splendiferous, more resident, majority, highcaliber, star, most underivative, life death, more constituting, more meat and potatoes, more top of the line, more right hand, in-voluntary, top notch, mid-most, ripe ages, unmatchable, the most, arch, un-domesticated, top drawer, more underlined, name game, most compulsatory, beyond grasp, inwrought, most world class, out side, right-hand, most transmundane, most plasmic, more calledfor, in imitable, hot stuff, adequate, prime life, axiological, in-born, most readying, most simplex, most firststring, un paralleled, rock-bottom, most frontpage, top, part parcel of, most bottomline, more axiological, key, most implanted, more midmost, first class, high-priority, more designated, choater, anatomical, hypo thetical, more allpowerful, more coal-and-ice, more dynamite, prerequisite, over ruling, more earmarked, meat potatoes, overweighing, central, out of ordinary, un alienable, no turning back, most undisguised, causative, child play, un-civilized, hotdog, giltedge, first, elementary, name-of-the-game, most rock bottom, most hurry-up, inherent, most showdown, pre-dominate, on thin ice, top of the list, most out-of-sight, most solid-gold, most ordering, exploratory, solid-gold, more, De Luxe, most abecedarian, larger part, most all powerful, high minded, more unparagoned, un-alienable, most fivestar, in-augural, frontpage, head most, peerless, bio-logical, monarchal, most hotshot, in tact, full ages, Rooter, second-to-none, un beaten, re-served, helmsman, pre-vailing, most grassroots, more prizewinning, middle-most, over powering, more primo, in wrought, higher, more pre eminent, more centric, pre ceding, built in, top most, pre requisite, more precursory, more top-of-the-line, childs play, in dispensable, testest, most directing, more fraction, ultimate, more ingredient, more esteemed, binding, un approachable, principal, more unalienable, most unrivalled, in-divisible, most top-of-the-line, underivative, solid gold, more abecedarian, well known, over-powering, pro-founder, sur-passing, most meat and potatoes, most composing, most grass roots, over weighing, blueribbon, top priority, lion share, more frontpage, un-cultivated, pivotal, further-most, most first-string, more simplex, midmost, more second to none, stereo typed, vital, more called-for, more solid gold, pre-paring, most demanded, out-righter, high class, calledfor, headman, super-incumbent, re levant, more first string, under lying, in dissoluble, unexampled, final curtain, more out-of-sight, more composing, hanging by thread, life-or-death, endest, honcho, middle most, prize winning, more ahead, more token, in-finite, under most, un divided, highpriority, most supereminent, dominating, de-finite, potent, un-commoner, be ginning, un surpassed, chief, more meat-and-potatoes, fabber, coal and ice, most esteemed, pointful, mandatory, deeprooted, more overshadowing, nether most, in state of nature, nubbest, more unacquired, most headmost, in-escapable, topser, un-paralleled, more highpriority, most out of sight, right up front, more hotdog, more firststring, outstanding, para mount, in tolerable, most all important, most centric, high caliber, un complex, head, least possible, in-grained, most splendiferous, choatest, un broken, over shadowing, most prize-winning, lead off, most bottom line, more righthand, more fivestar, constituent, un-approachable, pre dominate, coal-and-ice, superincumbent, nonliterate, greater number, un-developed, more unevolved, more nitty-gritty, most cellular, over-lying, re served, most nonpareil, un evolved, out sight, de-fined, top-priority, un-complicated, in bred, more biotic, kingpin, un-matched, most idiopathic, pre-ceding, un-divided, large, most highcaliber, pro found, most fraction, allpowerful, more part and parcel, idiopathic, un exampled, more grassroots, more right-hand, of essence, in dependent, over-riding, Unparagoned, more all important, most high-priority, wornout, de-terminate, more implanted, be-ginning, Headmost, un avoidable, most applicative, sub stratal, substrative, more omphalic, great, out rightest, non-literate, more idiopathic, inductive, preliminary, most anatomical, selected, un commonest, most pre-eminent, run of the mill, most crackerjack, more overweighing, big, bio logical, in-comparable, uncomplex, most second-to-none, worldclass, grassroots, pro founder, first-string, out-right, topdrawer, most resident, out right, age consent, out world, more showdown, most bidding, out weighing, most unparagoned, most token, tester, more beginning, top of the line, more transmundane, out standing, un-cultured, in state nature, farther-most, bottom, more than half, greater part, more middlemost, rootest, more substrative, un-broken, front-page, most biotic, ex tensive, top-of-the-line, pre-siding, in charge, holding reins, most inductive, champion, more all powerful, name the game, most top of the line, un-defeated, commanding, prizewinning, firststring, mid way, most allimportant, in escapable, at leading edge, Over-bearing, most inaugural, more centroidal, more gilt edge, in comparable, acceptable, greater, systemic, maxest, super-eminent, most above, in-bred, in famous, primo, underived, most overruling, un-restrained, most telling, more unmodified, more primogenial, more mainline, most righthand, extra ordinary, most maxi, hotshot, most substratal, in-dependent, significant, most portion, most monarchial, more division, most worldclass, more pointful, most middlemost, precursory, red letter, in a state of nature, most nitty gritty, more five star, head-most, top-pest, voting ages, avantgarde, more rock bottom, more headmost, more selfgoverned, more forming, centroidal, un acquired, latter-most, most exploratory, most primogenial, more hurryup, super natural, high-caliber, most abcs, overbalancing, more ordering, imperative, midtown, over-weighing, valuable, best parts, pre-eminent, larger parts, lower-most, in augural, out-standing, most substrative, mid most, most primo, in a state nature, ex-press, most axiological, more pre-eminent, inter mediate.