Pronunciation of Attest
/ɐtˈɛst/, /ɐtˈɛst/, /ɐ_t_ˈɛ_s_t/

Antonyms for attest

de ludes, knocks props out from under, up-set, de bunks, up setting, dis carding, swore falsely, dispute, in validated, shoot down, de feats, dis guise, dis-prove, prove wrong, deny, de feat, setting aside, explode, be lying, ex pose, mis-represent, Miscolor, dis-affirmed, de-bunks, mis-colored, Negatived, over-comes, mis-coloring, dis-carding, in-validating, committing perjury, dis agree, challenge, de-feat, ex posed, brings naught, beared false witness, dis-guised, blowing sky high, shooting down, disavow, over whelmed, mis-color, disprove, dis-card, bears false witness, dis guises, shoot full holes, Negativing, over comes, confute, shot full holes, blows sky high, over turning, mis-represents, prove false, over whelm, be-lied, dis-agrees, proved false, gives lie to, dis proving, sware falsely, dis agreed, mis-leads, dis maying, dis affirm, trumps up, bring to naught, re butted, de-bunking, dis-maying, dis card, over came, committed perjury, lie under oath, Parried, bringing to naught, shot full of holes, dis-torts, de-feats, over-turn, dis affirms, mis-state, giving lie to, mis-representing, dis-carded, sets aside, mis stated, over come, reject, glosses over, dis-mayed, dis-tort, knocksed props out from under, dis-affirms, shoots down, ex-pose, over throwing, dis affirmed, dis prove, set aside, dis agrees, dis-agree, discredit, bearing false witness, knocksing props out from under, over coming, dis tort, dis-guise, over throw, dis-guising, over threw, commits perjury, de-lude, mis represents, mis-leading, mis representing, knockses props out from under, bring naught, abstain, over-throws, de bunking, de-ludes, de bunked, gave the lie to, over-whelms, mis colored, mis leading, up-sets, in validating, over-throw, miscoloring, over thrown, bringing naught, dis-guises, de-bunked, brings to naught, dis-cards, proving wrong, dis guised, lying under oath, commit perjury, mis represented, repudiate, shoots full holes, dis guising, swear falsely, give the lie to, re butting, shooting full holes, lies under oath, brought to naught, disclaim, dis-proved, belie, de lude, dis mays, be-lying, over turns, de-bunk, oppose, mis-colors, shooting full of holes, over-came, dis may, question, dis-affirm, re-butted, contest, bore false witness, over turn, over-whelm, ex-posing, up set, be lied, lay under oath, shoot full of holes, proves wrong, mis colors, mis-stated, dis agreeing, de bunk, swearing falsely, mis lead, over whelming, over whelms, trump up, dis affirming, conceal, shoots full of holes, dis-agreeing, over-thrown, dis torts, shot down, proved wrong, swears falsely, over throws, cover, dis proved, trumping up, bare false witness, mis-states, in validates, mis-represented, re-butting, over-coming, mis-lead, mis states, blew sky high, proving false, ex-posed, hide, withhold, veto, over-turning, dis-mays, invalidate, co loring, over-whelming, forswear, perjure, dis-proves, dis-proving, dis proves, dis carded, co-loring, in validate, over-throwing, refuse, miscolors, up sets, gloss over, dis cards, mis-stating, in-validate, miscolored, over-come, dis-may, dis-agreed, in-validated, glossed over, blow sky high, bear false witness, dis mayed, gives the lie to, over-whelmed, dis-affirming, contradict, brought naught, in-validates, mis represent, proves false, lied under oath, up-setting, over-threw.

Usage examples for attest

  1. The first organized beings must have been very simple; but little by little the objective imagination increases its energy by exercising it; it invents and realizes increasingly more complex images that attest the progress of its artistic genius. – Essay on the Creative Imagination by Th. Ribot
  2. It would be like calling on her to attest her passion for him. – When Ghost Meets Ghost by William Frend De Morgan

Idioms for attest

  1. attest to sth;

Rhymes for attest