Pronunciation of Life
/l_ˈaɪ_f/, /lˈa͡ɪf/, /lˈa‍ɪf/

Antonyms for life

paralysis, impotency, Faineancy, in consequentialnesses, ex-termination, non interference, dillydallyings, potterings, abstract, neglectfulnesses, world to come, finis, in attention, to-be, otherworlds, finises, ex-terminations, misery, go, concept, de-ceases, cold bloodednesses, unmindfulness, passing overs, ignorance, shiftlessness, afterworlds, in-consequentialities, in-activity, hypnosis, After-life, time kill, immobilities, sluggishness, goof-off time, un-mindfulnesses, eternal rest, inanitions, lose, dis regard, listlessness, de-mise, dis interestednesses, coldbloodedness, dis-passions, prostration, hibernation, time on hands, in significancy, time wasting, in significancies, do nothingnesses, narcosises, in-activities, goofoff times, time on one's hand, donothingnesses, time on ones hand, in action, softness, beast, in consequentiality, un employments, leave, time wastings, debilitation, dis interests, un-employments, BEASTIE, Asphyxias, tobes, re pose, frailty, animal, otioseness, callousness, Temporalities, in-sensibility, de mise, Drowsinesses, in-consequentiality, critter, laziness, de-cease, dis passion, re lease, faineancies, stop, dilatorinesses, in actions, time one hands, dis passions, aftertimes, dis interestedness, death, after-lives, in significance, woe, de ceases, impermanence, otiosities, re-leases, petrifaction, in-significances, own sweet times, in difference, faintness, inactivity, time to kill, insouciances, delicacy, quit, inconsequence, indolence, in operativeness, un concern, in-operativeness, be-wilderments, de cease, loiterings, the beyond, impotence, halt, human races, lackadaisicalnesses, afterworld, in sensibilities, after worlds, un mindfulnesses, isolationism, fail, be-yond, after lives, non-interferences, dreaminess, in-sensitivities, passivity, goof off times, noninterference, languorousness, die, coldbloodednesses, immobility, Next world, in sensibility, time one's hands, time one hand, callousnesses, faineances, in consequentialness, leisureliness, in consequentialities, in attentions, dislike, fall behind, dis solution, enfeeblement, in sensitivity, inanimacy, next worlds, future existence, idleness, after-world, Sopor, un-importances, human race, dilatoriness, de mises, insensitivity, loafings, in consequences, drowsiness, dis-interest, plant, Hibernations, dis-solution, inertness, inanimate, dis-interestedness, dawdlings, slightness, under-worlds, neglectfulness, insouciance, decrease, cold bloodedness, torpescences, inanition, puniness, not use, in-difference, unemployments, non-interference, lethargy, enervation, in-sensibilities, re-lease, Paralyses, transiences, in-differences, oscitancies, after world, sopors, disablement, languish, donothingness, Torpescence, under worlds, torpidity, loss of life, necrosis, leisurelinesses, torpidnesses, be wilderments, brute, un-responsivenesses, un-responsiveness, goofoff time, inertia, dilly-dallyings, oscitancy, faintings, supineness, own sweet time, tenderness, in differences, to be, in consequence, cease, in-operativenesses, weakness, world come, be wilderment, loss life, dis-regard, un importances, somnolences, lazings, hereafter, discontinue, time on one hand, after-time, un-concern, deadnesses, languorousnesses, losses, ephemerality, non interferences, exhaustion, deadness, time hand, noninterferences, ex terminations, time ones hands, future existences, after life, sloth, faineance, supinenesses, vegetatings, in-action, dyings, narcosis, time hands, to bes, un-mindfulness, un mindfulness, cold-bloodednesses, in significances, petrifactions, passivities, frailness, in activity, in-actions, time-wastings, dis regards, mortality, in sensitivities, impassivenesses, Pottering, un concerns, goof-off times, dreaminesses, indifference, in-significance, offings, Do-nothingness, dis-passion, beyonds, dis-interests, the beyonds, dronings, under-world, be-wilderment, time on one's hands, offing, infirmity, apathy, be yond, after time, sorrow, after-worlds, joblessness, Otiosity, re-pose, time burn, re leases, stupor, unemployment, insensitivities, feebleness, un importance, aftertime, timewasting, torpidness, dis-solutions, asphyxia, in-significancy, unmindfulnesses, time on ones hands, un-importance, otiosenesses, in operativenesses, time on hand, somnolence, slothfulness, unhappiness, transience, to-bes, un responsivenesses, in-attention, dis interest, otherworld, cold-bloodedness, in activities, swoonings, necrosises, do-nothingnesses, debility, dis-interestednesses, un responsiveness, de-mises, in-consequentialness, Hypnoses, in-consequence, impermanences, un-concerns, by and by, under world, move, Tobe, time-wasting, joblessnesses, triflings, dis-regards, dilly dallyings, eternal rests, depart, dis solutions, dullness, goof off time, end, powerlessness, temporality.

Usage examples for life

  1. Hugh was more tired than he had ever been in his life. – The Crofton Boys by Harriet Martineau
  2. I just had to live my own life. – Harvest by Mrs. Humphry Ward
  3. Yes- and it's the only love of my life. – At Love's Cost by Charles Garvice

Idioms for life

  1. you can bet your bottom dollar, at you can bet your life
  2. that's life! 1;
  3. the bane of your life
  4. the shock of life
  5. make a life for oneself;

Quotes for life

  1. Chess is life.
  2. A bachelor's life is no life for a single man.
  3. All my life I been doin' what people tell me to do. Now, I'm telling them.
  4. I love life because what more is there.
  5. I lived a very don't -ask, don't -tell life.

Rhymes for life