Pronunciation of Languish
/l_ˈa_ŋ_ɡ_w_ɪ_ʃ/, /lˈaŋɡwɪʃ/, /lˈaŋɡwɪʃ/

Antonyms for languish

am on top heap, enheartened, makes impression, have full plate, wast on top of heap, art to one ears in, climbed ladder, am to ears in, came out on top, rally, was promoted, re-covering, got the top, be enriched, burst forth, are on top of heap, am to ones ears in, lives up, wert successful, are all over the place, pro-duces, over whelm, turn out well, catches on, gat bigger, making it, reached the top, art plentiful, got last laugh, living it up, is successful, gotten top, gotten taller, climb the ladder, sub due, doing well, took pleasure, pre-pare, sur mounting, are alive with, doing trick, art successful, doth right, being elevated, go town, being clover, lucked out, gat fat, score, Enhearten, wast up ears in, sub-due, art in clover, comes out on top, out wit, worsted, get fat, makes the most of, delight, are top of heap, being promoted, is plentiful, becoming rich, be successful, wast over place, gotten there, gets top, were up one ears in, are top heap, being happy, de light, are up one ears in, hits big, wast up to ones ears in, doing right, art over place, pro-cure, doest the trick, up hold, out-wits, lives luxury, dost right, strengthen, made mark, art one's ears in, shooting up, sur-mounts, took it easy, reached top, haddest full plate, is over place, being to ears in, be all over the place, live in luxury, over-whelmed, enheartening, in-spirited, doth well, become rich, in-spiriting, getting last laugh, are plentiful, convalesce, strike rich, art up to one's ears in, be sting, are one ears in, be-sting, being up one's ears in, was over place, were top of heap, wert up one ears in, over flowing, carries off, makes go, reaching top, art all over place, pro cured, gathers resources, works one's way up, beating the game, bears fruit, goes places, build, lives high hog, becoming famous, de lighted, was up ears in, work ones way up, takes all, am to one ears in, be-coming, de-lighted, bursts forth, live high hog, am up ears in, making killing, put over, carries day, gat the top, in crease, dost trick, lived high hog, get places, be no end to, carrying the day, over-flown, bettering oneself, is all over place, wert to ones ears in, coming to be, is to one's ears in, hast full plate, get top, over does, living up, up-holding, take cake, in-crease, art over the place, struck it rich, get to the top, got places, being on top of heap, swished, hits pay dirt, growing rich, were one's ears in, am alive with, makes grade, be top of heap, goes great guns, improve, gave weight, popped up, am all over the place, coming out top, comes out top, crawl with, dis plays, doest all right, am all over place, beating the system, work one's way up, were happy, gat there, make good, crawled with, out-distance, pro curing, re cover, wert over the place, over did, wert on top of heap, be up ones ears in, doeth trick, be comes, carried the day, grew rich, re-freshes, over comes, are successful, doest wonders, going to town, wrought one way up, being up to ones ears in, climb ladder, in creasing, being successful, over flow, striking it big, beats the system, sprang up, are ears in, pre-vail, luxuriate, rose in value, make a go, got taller, pro duce, be top heap, make an impression, hitting big, gain advantage, bearing fruit, up holds, re store, art thick with, giving weight, am successful, is over the place, does wonders, re adies, feathering nest, be over the place, art up ones ears in, went places, luck out, catch on, had a full plate, being in clover, being top of heap, hath full plate, gets last laugh, beats the game, gotten somewhere, wert ears in, am promoted, does all right, wast knee deep in, wast up to one's ears in, wert all over the place, made killing, is all over the place, bear fruit, is enriched, are promoted, gat taller, was to one's ears in, am top of heap, gets bigger, were over place, in-creased, pro fit, am thick with, are up to one's ears in, pre-vails, did trick, wert thick with, were successful, go places, de lighting, works one way up, work way up, has full plate, strike it big, was one's ears in, wast one ears in, takes the cake, was no end to, was up to one's ears in, out distanced, rise in value, spring up, was up one ears in, went town, out distancing, am one's ears in, working ones way up, go to town, be clover, being up ones ears in, do wonders, gets there, making go, making the most of, being enriched, pro-cures, grows famous, pre pared, gat places, has a full plate, came to be, climbs the ladder, made grade, am top heap, arrive, catching on, hitting it big, art ones ears in, won hands down, live luxury, taking it easy, make money, turned out well, in-spirit, out distance, wast up ones ears in, taking it all, came be, beats game, sur mount, are knee deep in, gets fat, give weight, beared fruit, carrying day, strike big, being on top heap, gotten the top, re-covers, be one ears in, crawling with, made a fortune, pro cures, wast enriched, are to one's ears in, feathered nest, swishes, dost well, art up to one ears in, braces up, over coming, art up ears in, being all over the place, be up to ones ears in, art up to ears in, be plentiful, be-comes, wins out, be alive with, ex-tend, wast top of heap, gets taller, takes it easy, getting top, flourish, be all over place, wrought way up, was on top heap, is one's ears in, didst trick, live high on hog, in spirit, wert all over place, rising in value, doth trick, faring well, gets places, is to ears in, wert up to ears in, lives in luxury, getting taller, over-whelm, made an impression, gathering resources, came out top, beating game, hit big, be knee deep in, made money, pro-cured, be one's ears in, over-coming, gained advantage, making a killing, in-spirits, is on top of heap, does well, fare well, was up to ears in, becomes famous, is up to ones ears in, become wealthy, making mark, am ones ears in, were knee deep in, doth the trick, comes to be, worked ones way up, wast all over place, Infesting, up-held, over-comes, was up to one ears in, being one's ears in, strikes it big, rise value, shot up, take pleasure, is no end to, dis-played, re-fresh, carried off, be-came, rise, got fat, prosper, being top heap, art to ears in, re ached, over-flow, gat top, am happy, getting there, am up to one's ears in, got to top, wert plentiful, re-ached, lived high on hog, blowing away, out-wit, wert on top heap, beating system, living in luxury, in creases, lived it up, taking cake, being to one's ears in, dislike, re-cover, wast one's ears in, was ones ears in, up-hold, does the trick, makes it, wast happy, getting somewhere, are all over place, making good, take easy, beat system, wert up ears in, go great guns, was all over place, makes mark, are clover, get taller, strook big, gather resources, ex-tending, despise, sur mounted, wast up one's ears in, made go, doing the trick, triumph, doest well, was ears in, succeed, made the grade, got bigger, gathered resources, lucking out, rose value, was up to ones ears in, wast top heap, come out on top, get along, were to ears in, am up to ones ears in, got there, ex tends, took the cake, is one ears in, better oneself, making grade, be ones ears in, am clover, were thick with, coming out on top, doeth the trick, feathers nest, ex tend, beat the system, works ones way up, taking pleasure, being over place, be coming, get last laugh, strook it rich, are up ears in, be over place, thrive, lives it up, gains advantage, carried day, gotten places, dis played, wast to ears in, be ears in, wast to one ears in, be to ears in, gets to the top, being to ones ears in, bare fruit, making a go, wast over the place, were to one's ears in, blows away, did right, de lights, being up to ears in, be-come, carrying off, hast a full plate, wast alive with, pre-pared, out-witting, pre vailing, be on top of heap, strikes big, over-flowed, be to one ears in, gotten fat, grow rich, wert to ears in, wert no end to, be up ears in, being knee deep in, struck big, living extravagantly, are happy, takes cake, ex-tended, was up ones ears in, makes a killing, make killing, being thick with, was happy, am over the place, wert top heap, multi-plying, have a full plate, became rich, re-stored, wert promoted, working one's way up, wert up to one's ears in, enheartens, art alive with, are up to ones ears in, make most of, hath a full plate, lived in luxury, re-adies, winning hands down, is to ones ears in, am up to ears in, doeth well, didst wonders, pops up, is up one's ears in, increase, become famous, over whelmed, popping up, did the trick, getting bigger, re stores, do well, made impression, wast thick with, re-storing, makes a go, art to one's ears in, ex tended, pre-vailed, strook it big, flowered, takes easy, re covered, pre vails, worked way up, over come, making an impression, fares well, be to one's ears in, are elevated, wert ones ears in, re-covered, coming be, beat the game, am one ears in, gotten bigger, hit pay dirt, be up to one's ears in, wins hands down, over flown, making fortune, being ones ears in, getting fat, wast ones ears in, are up ones ears in, carries the day, sur mounts, in spiriting, am in clover, making money, being alive with, dis play, hadst a full plate, making impression, make a killing, dis-play, were plentiful, being to one ears in, art no end to, pro cure, over doing, bursting forth, is ones ears in, living high on hog, wert over place, be up one's ears in, am over place, wert top of heap, comes be, made fortune, being up one ears in, is alive with, was thick with, art all over the place, dis playing, over flows, was successful, come be, was to ones ears in, pro-curing, became famous, be on top heap, was in clover, were on top of heap, make grade, art up to ones ears in, becomes rich, be thick with, come out top, pro duces, was on top of heap, re aching, were promoted, is on top heap, re-stores, wast all over the place, were to one ears in, am no end to, was top of heap, be elevated, doth all right, sub dues, grow, was over the place, go, takes pleasure, gets to top, over-flowing, are to ones ears in, wast successful, Wantoning, art clover, live extravagantly, bettered oneself, get the top, are on top heap, pre vailed, carry day, wert happy, carry the day, were all over place, was to ears in, pre paring, up holding, are to ears in, getting to top, are enriched, are over place, dost the trick, wast in clover, makes good, doest right, went great guns, is top of heap, over-whelms, be to ones ears in, re stored, is up ones ears in, were top heap, winned hands down, climbs ladder, wast plentiful, being no end to, wert enriched, striking big, working way up, living high hog, struck it big, be in clover, art knee deep in, was top heap, make go, over-did, did well, art top of heap, life, do trick, develop, did all right, am enriched, made it, dis-playing, are up to ears in, climbed the ladder, be promoted, didst all right, were over the place, ex tending, is promoted, be up to one ears in, were one ears in, wast to ones ears in, was to one ears in, were alive with, beat game, wert alive with, bore fruit, becoming wealthy, were no end to, are in clover, sur-mounting, pro-fits, makes killing, strikes rich, over whelms, in-creases, making a fortune, multi plying, wrought ones way up, being plentiful, winning out, rebound, carry off, are thick with, make impression, sur-mount, being up ears in, work one way up, betters oneself, was knee deep in, being over the place, wert knee deep in, de-light, were clover, grew famous, crawls with, in spirits, beats system, reach the top, pre-paring, art to ones ears in, takes it all, doeth wonders, be come, are up to one ears in, makes fortune, wast no end to, lived luxury, taking the cake, infests, re-aping, lives high on hog, be happy, Experiencing, were in clover, makes the grade, rises value, hitting pay dirt, was alive with, live up, was up one's ears in, up-holds, dost all right, ex-tends, reaching the top, did wonders, take it all, went to town, live it up, Wantoned, re aped, wast elevated, does trick, being all over place, out witting, going town, got somewhere, de-lighting, were enriched, made most of, wert up to ones ears in, are up one's ears in, gat somewhere, win hands down, over flowed, pop up, over-whelming, blow away, abound, am on top of heap, pre pare, is ears in, am ears in, wast up to ears in, wast up one ears in, doing all right, gain, shoots up, wast clover, made a go, doeth all right, over-flows, wert one ears in, took all, am up to one ears in, is clover, became wealthy, lived up, took it all, is up to ears in, am knee deep in, were up to ones ears in, art top heap, were up one's ears in, puts over, dost wonders, springs up, were up ears in, being up to one ears in, get there, were all over the place, out witted, didst well, hit it big, lucks out, pre pares, growing famous, wert up ones ears in, gat to the top, hit jackpot, come to be, is up to one ears in, wrought one's way up, wast on top heap, in spirited, art up one's ears in, were elevated, strike it rich, brace up, wert one's ears in, branch out, art up one ears in, rising value, am plentiful, had full plate, hits it big, up held, pre vail, were up ones ears in, bursted forth, is knee deep in, took cake, re covering, wast up to one ears in, were on top heap, wert elevated, out wits, are to one ears in, making the grade, are ones ears in, out-distancing, getting to the top, struck rich, be up to ears in, lived extravagantly, hate, wert to one's ears in, swishing, is elevated, going great guns, becomes wealthy, is to one ears in, make a fortune, was enriched, am up ones ears in, am to one's ears in, do the trick, didst the trick, caught on, gives weight, am elevated, bracing up, being up to one's ears in, be came, does right, was one ears in, are one's ears in, pro fits, get bigger, feather nest, re freshes, multi-plied, de-lights, being ears in, make fortune, is happy, over-doing, sur-mounted, makes most of, out-distances, gat last laugh, doth wonders, is top heap, didst right, doeth right, wert up to one ears in, was elevated, striking rich, gets the top, get somewhere, braced up, works way up, climbing the ladder, be up one ears in, working one way up, am up one's ears in, Worsting, being one ears in, art happy, makes a fortune, boom, made a killing, turning out well, art promoted, is up one ears in, blew away, over whelming, doing wonders, wast ears in, make it, hadst full plate, turns out well, gotten to the top, take the cake, re-aped, taking easy, shoot up, dis-plays, grow famous, re storing, am up one ears in, gotten last laugh, reach top, grows rich, make mark, live, fared well, climbing ladder, re-aching, getting places, wast to one's ears in, over done, sub-dues, gat to top, are over the place.

Usage examples for languish

  1. But did Jane leave me to languish in the closet? – Dear Enemy by Jean Webster
  2. But from what has been recently observed, it is manifest, that, so far as external appearances are concerned, these effects, when once produced by Christianity, are produced alike in those who deny and in those who admit her divine original; I had almost said in those who reject and those who cordially embrace the doctrines of the Gospel: and these effects might and probably would remain for a while, without any great apparent alteration, however her spirit might languish, or even her authority decline. – A Practical View of the Prevailing Religious System of Professed Christians, in the Middle and Higher Classes in this Country, Contrasted with Real Christianity. by William Wilberforce
  3. In order, then, that diligence may neither languish and become slothfulness, nor be felt to be a heavy weight and an unwelcome necessity, Paul here bids us see to it that our hearts are moved because there is a fire below which makes 'the soul's depths boil in earnest. – Expositions of Holy Scripture: Romans Corinthians (To II Corinthians, Chap. V) by Alexander Maclaren

Idioms for languish

  1. languish over sm or sth;
  2. languish in;

Rhymes for languish