Pronunciation of As
/ˈaz/, /ˈaz/, /ˈa_z/

Synonyms for as

Old English


Sense 1

clash, concomitant, concurrent, contemporaneous, en bloc, en masse, meanwhile, parallel, simultaneous, synchronicity, synchronous, Because, Since, That, according to.

Sense 2

accompaniment, alongside, besides, concurrence, double, nay, together.

Sense 3

besides, comparatively, explain, look at, nay, precisely, I. e..

Sense 4

explain, precisely, witness.

Sense 6

look at.


American Samoa, arsenic, atomic number 33, Eastern Samoa, equally, every bit.

for instance

for example.

Other synonyms and related words:

abate, abbreviate, accuse, ace, alike, along, alongside, already, also, although, anu, aortic stenosis, appearance, arsenic trioxide, Arsenous Anhydride, Arsenous Oxide, as well, at, at the same time, austere, being, believe, besides, blue, bun, buttock, by, cap-a-pie, cause, cheerless, comparatively, concurrent, consider, cultured, curtail, customarily, cut, dark, debase, delicate, diminish, dismal, donkey, double, dour, dreadful, elegant, element, elephant, essentially, even as, evenly, every inch, every, examine, explain, fine, flatly, follow, fond, for example, for instance, generally, gentle, gloomy, glum, graceful, grim, guttural, ham, hindquarter, horizontally, how, humble, identically, impeach, in that, in the main, inspect, just as, justly, less, lessen, like, likewise, low, mainly, meanwhile, more, morose, mostly, nay, normally, notwithstanding, now, ordinarily, oust, pare, plainly, polite, portrait, portray, precisely, press, pursue, push, reduce, refined, reflect, regularly, relative, relatively, remove, replace, represent, repress, resemblance, restrain, rule, seeing, seem, shorten, similar, similarly, simultaneous, situation, smoothly, so, so to speak, steadily, such, such as, supervise, suppose, surly, surmise, territory, therefore, tho, though, throughout, tilling, together, trioxide, ugly, uniformly, urbane, usually, way, when, whereby, while, whit, witness, Against, Albeit, And, Because, During, Equivalently, From, Howbeit, Hunker, If, Into, Levelly, Ratsbane, Since, Than, That, Toward, Whereas, Whilst, Considering, Nate, as well as, together with, according to, as if, as though, forasmuch as, inasmuch as, out of, provided that, as long as, according as, by reason of, ass, ie, on the point of, for this reason, for the reason that, similar to, in accordance with, acting as, by its nature, for, made of, serving as, per, functioning as, in the manner that, in the same manner with, just for, seeing that, like this, to, at the time that, during the time that, in the act of, in the character of, in the process of, under the name of, on that account, something like, truely, equivalent to, congres, basi, AS IN, as per, bearing in mind, in way of, given that.

considering (adjective)

all in all, Asser, forasmuch as, insomuch as, all things considered, everything being equal, in consideration of, all all, more for, most for, nower, nowest, in light of, assest, more because, most because, sincer, sincest.

taking everything in mind (adjective)


while (adverb)


all (adverb)

as, equally, every bit.

to such an extent (adverb)


while (adverb)


because (conjunction)

cause, now, Since, Whereas, Considering, inasmuch as, as long as, for the reason that, for, seeing that.

inasmuch as (conjunction)


in consequence of the fact that (conjunction)


in the way that; to a degree (conjunction)

being, comparatively, equally, essentially, for instance, like, similarly, such as, acting as, by its nature, serving as, functioning as, in the manner that, in the same manner with, just for.

on account of (conjunction)


whereas (conjunction)

considering that.

while, when (conjunction)

just as, on the point of.

because (conjunction, preposition)

for the sake of, on grounds that.

AS (noun)

American Samoa, arsenic, atomic number 33, Eastern Samoa, equally, every bit.

American Samoa (noun)

American Samoa.

Eastern Samoa (noun)

Eastern Samoa.

Old English (noun)


Sense 1 (noun)

all the time, at the same time, concurrent, even as, meanwhile, simultaneous, together.

Sense 2 (noun)

relative, relatively, Than, next to, by/in contrast, compared with/to, seen against something, the... the....

Sense 3 (noun)

besides, comparatively, explain, look at, nay, precisely.

Sense 4 (noun)


Sense 6 (noun)

look at.

arsenic (noun)


as (noun)

American Samoa, arsenic, atomic number 33, Eastern Samoa, equally, every bit.

as it were (noun)

in a way, in some way, so to speak, in a manner of speaking, so to say, as it might be.

atomic number 33 (noun)

atomic number 33.

because (noun)


equally (noun)


every bit (noun)

every bit.

for instance (noun)

for example.

location (noun)

American Samoa, as, Eastern Samoa.

substance (noun)

arsenic, as, atomic number 33.

concurrently with an activity, event (preposition)


during (preposition)

all along, for the time being, in the course of, all the while, in the interim, in the middle of, at the same time as, at the time, in the meanwhile, the time between, the whole time, at time, for time being, in the time of, all while, at same time as, in course of, in interim, in meanwhile, in middle of, in time of, time between, whole time.

for (preposition)

go to, pro, with regard to, in spite of, with a view to, in favor of, to the amount of, in pursuance of, in the direction of, in place of, with view to, amount of, beneficial to, conducive to, in contemplation of, in exchange for, in furtherance of, in order to, in order to get, in the name of, on the part of, on the side of, to counterbalance, to go to, to the extent of, under the authority of, with respect, extent of, in direction of, in name of, in order get, on part of, on side of, the amount of, the extent of, to amount of, to extent of, under authority of.

since (preposition)

sub sequently.

Usage examples for as

  1. I passed them as Callon got out and said 'Good- night. – The Truants by A. E. W. (Alfred Edward Woodley) Mason
  2. Then it shall be as you wish. – Bijou by Gyp
  3. And if I do, perhaps it's just as well. – Fanny Herself by Edna Ferber
  4. " As you will," said Maitre Voigt. – No Thoroughfare by Charles Dickens and Wilkie Collins
  5. And that her warblin' come pretty clost to bein' as good as Melba's. – Alec Lloyd, Cowpuncher by Eleanor Gates

Idioms for as

  1. be ( as) daft as a brush;
  2. as it were;
  3. dress sm up ( as sm or sth );
  4. portray sm or sth as sm;
  5. ( as) black as a skillet;

Quotes for as

  1. I started as a print reporter.
  2. Men are never so good or so bad as their opinions.
  3. The Doors were never that good as musicians.
  4. I am going to do as much as I can do, because I hate to do anything and not give my all.
  5. Take what you can from your dreams, make them as real as anything.

Rhymes for as

  • vaz, baz, braz, nez, pres, chazz, blais, pez, ynez, jazz, says, chaz, faz, has, gaz, raz, fez, chez;
  • pizzazz, inez, whereas, chavez, montez, vazquez, vasquez, valdez, jerez, cortez, marquez;
  • razzmatazz;