Pronunciation of Expel
/ɛkspˈɛl/, /ɛkspˈɛl/, /ɛ_k_s_p_ˈɛ_l/

Antonyms for expel

busies, under-went, re cognizing, take, re serving, opening up, Deputed, having shot at, hadst a fling at, be big on, coming board, pro-fesses, Housed, allowed entrance, haddest a fling at, had fling at, in-duct, signed up, in-stating, in-vesting, inter lock, pressing in to service, pro cures, chugalugs, be-spoken, have shot at, join up, under-taken, sub scribing, bring on board, having go at, go along with, owned up, setting about, did battle with, be-witches, shelter, gives whirl, humoring, join battle with, intermeshed, bringing board, joined battle with, signs on, carrying the torch, were big on, pre-arranges, initiate, called up, set about, re-tain, permit, pre-occupied, brings on board, inter meshing, inter meshed, re-tains, in-ducted, be spoke, dis-posing, gets under way, employ, in vested, conscribing, went in for, carrying torch, all owed, tolerate, re-cited, went in to details, going out for, in-haled, dis closed, getting ball rolling, haddest shot at, Inked, soak, made known, be-spake, going in for, got going, dis-patch, slurps, wink at, dis-patched, goes out for, sub-scribing, inter-lock, coming on board, giving ones word, come with, pro claiming, be-troths, pro claimed, came on board, gotten going, being big on, brought on board, signs up, haddest fling at, in vite, prearranging, wash down, gave thumbs up, be-gun, gives access, gat going, open up, haddest go at, un-veiled, ex pose, un veiling, blink at, ex-posed, inter meshes, in scribes, becomes student, give whirl, in-stalled, pre arranges, confide to, hath a shot at, switched on, brings board, going for broke, give nod, subscribes to, in stated, pre arranging, dis posing, inter mesh, doeth battle with, be-witching, sate still for, have a go at, comes on board, un derwent, Inbreathe, in ducted, be naive, carries the torch, toughs out, dis-posed, un covers, un veils, un veil, dis-closes, get under way, sponge, come on board, slurp, confides to, re-cords, slurping, ink, sit and take it, in scribe, pre engage, conscripting, intermeshing, pre-engaging, signed on, pro-claiming, trying for size, Leasing, in gest, inhale, takes course, falls on, be spake, inter laces, rolls out red carpet, re cognize, Deputing, re cited, gave ones word, haddest a go at, submit to, in-hales, re cording, re tains, sit take it, under taking, un veiled, usher in, giving a whirl, sub scribe, give battle to, joining up, was naive, trucks with, call arms, re cord, ex-pose, hast go at, gives ones word, admit, lived with, de clares, have fling at, pre-occupy, comes board, having a go at, in stating, gave try, consenting to, try on for size, hath a go at, allowing entrance, go out for, trothed, set in motion, un-veiling, dis closes, wast big on, pre-engages, dis-patching, interplayed, has a shot at, pressing into service, truck with, gives battle to, hast a shot at, have a shot at, joining battle with, got ball rolling, are big on, has a fling at, un-cover, gives a try, commission, gotten feet wet, re cords, contain, Experiencing, under went, wert big on, lets through, goes for broke, re-veal, giving the nod, sub scribes, has fling at, put up with, gotten ball rolling, gets going, give word, winking at, carries torch, re tain, be gun, be witches, re-serving, shake hands, in-scribing, intro duces, in-scribe, make known, giving thumbs up, in stalling, ex-posing, gave a whirl, all-owed, live with, go for broke, washing down, in-ducts, went into details, is big on, un covered, inter act, giving whirl, gave a try, in haled, hath shot at, kept busy, subscribe to, sign off on, has go at, pre engaging, dis-pose, sub-scribed, give access, goes into details, fell on, let in, deputes, sits still for, inter-meshed, go in for, making comfortable, be witched, let through, making welcome, inter acting, submitting to, re-cognizing, re-cord, having fling at, showed in, entertain, under-taking, joins up, pro-cured, pre-arranging, give try, be-spoke, pro curing, stay course, goes in for, lodge, in duct, hath a fling at, impel, introing, pro-cures, gave the nod, consented to, take in, keeps busy, in ducting, gave word, intro, pro claim, inter played, de-clares, Inking, house, Swilled, gives a whirl, letted in, dis closing, hath fling at, give thumbs up, in-gest, under-going, pre-occupying, Downs, trothing, dis patching, get feet wet, bringing on board, presses into service, signing off on, lease, hast shot at, bottle, enroll, stayed the course, was big on, induct, give the nod, swear in, under-takes, fall on, un-covering, pressed into service, inter acted, letting in, hast a fling at, pre engaged, re corded, inter playing, dis-closing, give ones word, pre-engage, under take, inspire, keep busy, suffer, owns up, welcome, living with, in gests, slurped, dost battle with, retain, dis-patches, carry torch, inter locking, press in to service, swears in, pro cure, inter lacing, chugalug, is naive, Busied, toughed out, stays the course, in corporate, hath go at, in-vest, inter-lace, took part, be-witch, intro-duce, signed off on, kick off, gave one's word, switches on, pre-arrange, affiances, lets in, conscribes, Busying, wert naive, re-cording, rolled out red carpet, go in to details, press into service, in stalled, in corporates, re cognized, subscribing to, in-stalling, became student, signing on, being naive, chugalugged, becoming student, consent to, pre arrange, shakes hands, un-derwent, Preengage, presses in to service, inter-locked, downed, own up, gave battle to, pro claims, in-haling, re-corded, introduce, dis patches, take part, submitted to, confided to, introes, inter lace, opens up, pro-cure, sits take it, affiance, stays course, re late, pro fesses, gets ball rolling, re cognizes, trucking with, re-cites, sets about, prearrange, in state, ushers in, give a try, Preengaging, had shot at, un-covers, kicking off, tough out, harbor, sitting still for, engage, switch on, inks, restrain, giving word, giving nod, giving one's word, interplaying, downing, Conscribe, Sipped, signing up, under took, shaking hands, pressed in to service, under takes, giving access, re citing, be-ginning, dis-closed, didst battle with, made comfortable, have go at, prearranged, gat feet wet, putting with, letting through, re-serves, in-corporate, hadst a shot at, does battle with, call up, carried the torch, do battle with, Preengaged, depute, sware in, bring board, pro-curing, in hale, gives the nod, in haling, waits out, conscripted, be-troth, give a whirl, pre-arranged, keep, in-vests, keeping busy, inter-locks, in-vested, intro-duces, falling on, trying on for size, pre occupy, sets in motion, inter-lacing, doth battle with, re-lated, un covering, consents to, receive, inter-play, prearranges, re-served, enlist, pre occupies, under taken, opened up, waited out, trucked with, be-speaking, tried on for size, gives try, got feet wet, re serve, be troths, haddest a shot at, un-veil, inter-acts, getting feet wet, shook hands, in ducts, be-witched, go into details, staid the course, enter in to, inter-laces, come board, set motion, be troth, roll out red carpet, in-stated, signs off on, under going, Initiating, in-gests, in-ducting, in-stall, gave nod, re-serve, chugalugging, dis pose, brought board, re veals, hadst shot at, become student, hadst go at, dis-close, preengages, sub-scribes, be ginning, de-clare, switching on, putting up with, be spoken, get going, inter play, in vests, pro-claims, hast a go at, sub scribed, swore in, taking course, sate take it, has shot at, calling up, gave access, swilling, came board, sit still for, sat take it, pre engages, wait out, re cites, inter-acted, intro duce, shut, bring light, winks at, be speaking, calls up, blinking at, taking part, in-hale, art naive, in vest, hadst fling at, ex posed, be speaks, sits and take it, all-owing, carried torch, include, take course, am big on, give one's word, went out for, giving try, makes welcome, absorb, accept, stayed course, sat still for, staying the course, be witch, allow, un cover, break ice, in-corporates, under-gone, went for broke, sitting and take it, blinks at, inter-laced, conscribed, allows entrance, cop plea, gives thumbs up, setting in motion, pro-fess, carry the torch, making known, takes part, be witching, pre occupied, ushered in, inter-played, goes in to details, allow entrance, subscribed to, swallow, pre-engaged, going into details, show in, dis close, gives nod, makes known, dis patched, has a go at, in-states, blinked at, inter laced, having a shot at, gives word, hold, gets feet wet, rolling out red carpet, hire, Affiancing, submits to, give one word, be-speak, pre-occupies, had go at, re-cognized, put with, all owing, art big on, had a go at, in-scribes, inter-playing, gat under way, pro cured, washes down, getting going, gotten under way, sign up, dis patch, inter-acting, gives one word, get ball rolling, had a shot at, sate and take it, inter plays, de clare, be-speaks, make welcome, showing in, be speak, wast naive, pro fess, got under way, re-veals, re served, confiding to, dis posed, hadst a go at, under gone, sets motion, doing battle with, ward, owning up, in hales, intermeshes, inter-plays, having a fling at, in-state, un-veils.