Pronunciation of Sell
/sˈɛl/, /sˈɛl/, /s_ˈɛ_l/

Antonyms for sell

art possessed of, fell heir to, gave leave, sign for, pro-cures, re-served, making a haul, in-vests, own, being big, own up, let, make a buy, buying up, be possession of, hath title, un covered, subscribed to, contract for, hunt for, give the nod, sub leased, latch on to, in-duces, single out, de clare, re deemed, being possession of, gave nod, go into details, shop, re-veals, procure, subscribing to, ex pose, pays for, get hold of, make purchase, all-owing, lease, re-veal, gave thumbs up, re-deems, re-lated, bring light, grease palm, lose, Subletting, latches on to, opening up, got in exchange, telling truth, gotten hang of, pro-motes, goes into details, decrease, giving permission, haddest hand, get exchange, going shopping, decides on, deciding on, try to buy, Copped, art big on, open up, in duces, making clean breast of, getting in exchange, de rives, re-tains, pro fesses, invested in, sub-leased, am possession of, ex-posed, Optate, haddest rights, being possessed of, dis close, re-serves, be big, is possessed of, de clares, hadst hand, gives permission, latching on to, re tains, all owing, Leasing, subleased, opting for, Franchised, had rights, is big on, hast rights, buying out, get in exchange, re-cognizing, sub leases, re deeming, sub letting, shopping for, re-cited, hath rights, purchase, made a buy, gets in exchange, makes known, re ached, opted for, was big on, freed up, un-veiled, give okay, were in possession of, made known, having title, are possessed of, goes in to details, lived with, go in to details, got exchange, Franchising, lay hands on, makes a buy, am big on, hadst in hand, re-cognized, donate, in-vestment, hast hand, lets in, look for, went into details, buys up, sub-leases, having in hand, opts for, shook on, give thumbs up, buys out, greased palm, signs for, pro claiming, makes a haul, singles out, re-serve, managing to get, hunts for, copping, subleases, give permission, are big on, un veil, optating, managed get, is possession of, takes kindly to, intro duce, were possessed of, pro claims, shopped for, let pass, getting exchange, payed for, pro-curing, de-clare, was big, make buy, hadst title, happened up on, un cover, blinked at, shop for, latched on to, gat the hang of, assent to, gotten exchange, un-covers, manage to get, said yes, falling heir to, pro-claiming, wert in possession of, letting in, sub-letting, re cognize, cop plea, de rived, fall heir to, happen up on, bestow, pay for, decide on, made clean breast of, giving nod, pro-cured, is in possession of, un veiling, pro curing, singled out, reality, going into details, dis-closing, de-riving, pro-claims, haddest title, pro cured, de riving, frees up, getting hang of, wert big, dis-closed, manage get, art big, got hang of, signing off on, re veals, dealing in, living with, wink at, art possession of, pick up, gotten hold of, buy, ex posed, have hand, gives leave, gat exchange, preserve, in vest, taking kindly to, make known, lets pass, telling the truth, am possessed of, free up, aid, un veils, dis closing, get the hang of, are possession of, re aching, be in possession of, in-duce, making purchase, goes shopping, ex-tracts, sub-leasing, re-cites, trying to buy, happened upon, buy out, de-rived, subleasing, protect, contracting for, re-ached, latched to, deals in, getting hold of, gat in exchange, tell the truth, has in hand, intro-duces, take, give leave, making buy, owned up, in vestments, pro cure, re citing, intromit, all owed, ex-pose, re serving, shops for, real thing, un-cover, owning up, sublet, happens up on, renting out, retain, happen upon, in vests, sate still for, investing in, subscribe to, dis closes, gives okay, deal in, opens up, bartered for, prevail up on, blink at, gave okay, opened up, latching to, pro-fesses, gat hang of, dis-close, tried buy, all-owed, looked for, makes haul, contracted for, sublets, be possessed of, in duce, was possession of, sit still for, rents out, signing on, latches to, de-clares, un-covering, de-rives, gives the nod, are big, in-vest, have rights, laid hands on, give access, made buy, am big, un-veils, signed for, intro duces, invests in, thumbsing up, un covering, has title, happens upon, singling out, re served, de-rive, made a haul, makes a purchase, pro claimed, being big on, re cites, got the hang of, gets exchange, re-deeming, blinks at, buy up, sat still for, pro-mote, gives thumbs up, re cognizing, pro cures, pro-moting, manages to get, in vestment, Housed, having hand, bought up, ex-tract, re deem, tried to buy, getting the hang of, wast in possession of, has hand, re late, has rights, re cognized, give, re-tain, signs on, dis-closes, contracts for, makes purchase, sublease, managing get, re deems, owns up, optates, wast possessed of, hunting for, contribute, gets hold of, un veiled, letting pass, go shopping, made purchase, make haul, intro-duce, had title, tries to buy, looking for, in-vestments, blinking at, wast possession of, re cognizes, gave access, gotten the hang of, sub-lease, hath hand, was in possession of, un-veil, pro-cure, went in to details, greases palm, was possessed of, were possession of, gets hang of, were big, told the truth, art in possession of, re cited, dis closed, tells truth, possess, re tain, un covers, wert possessed of, giving the nod, had in hand, being in possession of, in vested, re-deem, hast in hand, looks for, hunted for, decided on, sits still for, try buy, making known, subscribes to, shakes on, manages get, de rive, help, pro claim, be big on, had hand, keep, pro-fess, sitting still for, winks at, made haul, in-vested, thumbses up, ex tract, signed off on, hold, sub leasing, invest in, sub lease, bought out, gat hold of, oils palm, rented out, signing for, guard, pro fess, paid for, are in possession of, give nod, laying hands on, winking at, wast big on, tries buy, making haul, made a purchase, latch to, dealt in, cling to, take kindly to, haddest in hand, hadst rights, making a purchase, assist, have in hand, admit, makes buy, assented to, having rights, paying for, un-veiling, rent out, re serve, greasing palm, saying yes, were big on, assents to, happening up on, hath in hand, re-serving, abet, ex-posing, in-vesting, makes clean breast of, re-aching, bartering for, barter for, falls heir to, barters for, says yes, say yes, wert possession of, thumbsed up, pro moting, have title, went shopping, live with, happening upon, assenting to, gotten in exchange, lays hands on, make a purchase, make clean breast of, trying buy, told truth, gets the hang of, humoring, making a buy, got hold of, hast title, signs off on.