Pronunciation of Confusion
/kənfjˈuːʒən/, /kənfjˈuːʒən/, /k_ə_n_f_j_ˈuː_ʒ_ə_n/

Antonyms for confusion

literacy, sayso, sub-traction, calmness, domestications, de-liberations, re-flections, re flection, taxonomic groups, orientation, clarity, happiness, dis-positions, self assurance, book learnings, proselytisms, in tuition, de cree, sub ordinations, defrayals, broad-mindednesses, presence, ukase, re-flection, sub-tractions, re bate, in-tuitions, learnedness, in tuitions, dis charge, preparation, sub ordination, agreement, positiveness, levelheadednesses, sense, in-junctions, apprenticeships, propagandisms, de-cree, pre suppositions, self composure, organization, selfgovernment, learnednesses, in-formation, certainty, be-lief, selfpossession, lock on, immediate circle, broad mindednesses, under-standings, sequiturs, ease, concludings, book learning, openmindedness, sub traction, composure, sub classes, pre supposition, selfmasteries, tidiness, self government, codifications, drillings, delicatesse, selfreliance, coachings, re-serve, codification, conviction, peace, dis charges, re solutions, under-standing, self-mastery, equanimity, sequitur, assurance, getting your, proselytism, trade-off, Kidneys, epiphany, orderliness, discipline, sub tractions, pondering, de terminations, selfmastery, Inhabitance, pro cessions, dis counts, self-assurance, steadiness, be hest, method, law and order, de creases, self-composure, de-crease, de crease, self reliance, indifference, in formations, apprenticeship, pre-cept, illations, out-posts, in-habitancy, bodhis, selfcomposures, de grees, working outs, subclass, in formation, under standing, hypo-thesis, self-possession, inferrings, self confidence, domestication, pro-cession, hell to pay, be-hest, self masteries, calm, de-liberation, up-rightness, sur-mises, pro-mises, belief, enlightenment, trade off, law and orders, pre cept, law orders, trade offs, shoo in, delicatesses, expectation, in-sight, coolness, shooin, re-serves, de liberation, contentment, ubiety, in-tuition, bodhi, principality, be lief, re flections, self command, in-habitancies, branch of knowledge, up rightnesses, omnipresence, be-hests, insights, say so, dis positions, write offs, equabilities, self mastery, de-terminations, broad mindedness, inhabitances, system, pro mise, tranquility, out posts, pro mises, inhabitancy, hell pay, omnipresences, dockage, hypo thesis, Propagandism, pro-cessions, self-masteries, selfassurance, rain shine, re bates, selfconfidence, co aching, branch knowledge, clearness, sureness, de-termination, in junction, dis-charges, self control, lock ons, order, re-bate, selfcontrol, up rightness, de-crees, mullings, broadmindednesses, pre-supposition, punitions, defrayal, under standings, selfcommand, illation, inculcation, self commands, ukases, broad-mindedness, be hests, in habitancy, de gree, getting yours, neatness, in-junction, inculcations, sub-ordinations, in sight, plan, alignings, orderings, in-formations, tradeoff, writeoff, poise, settlement, self possession, aplomb, subclasses, sub class, in-sights, selfcommands, law order, pedagogy, selfcomposure, self-composures, de liberations, harmony, deduction, pattern, trade-offs, sur mise, de termination, de-grees, sur-mise, broadmindedness, writeoffs, stoicism, schooling, de-creases, sur mises, sub-class, tradeoffs, understanding, dis position, dis-counts, self-command, self restraint, ponderings, anticipation, selfrestraint, levelheadedness, de crees, de-gree, re-solutions, pro-mise, certitude, Pedagogics, in sights, kidney, re-solution, dis-position, rearings, immediate circles, dis-charge, self composures, co-aching, simplicity, word honor, in junctions, up-rightnesses, re serve, self-commands, pro cession.