Pronunciation of Alight
/ɐlˈa͡ɪt/, /ɐlˈa‍ɪt/, /ɐ_l_ˈaɪ_t/

Antonyms for alight

got up on, mount, re-double, clambers up, climbing on, pro duce, multi-plying, climbs up on, escalades, be striding, up surging, gets up on, got upon, intensates, climb up on, climbs upon, bestride, pile up, be strid, climbs onto, clambered up, pitch-dark, board, pre-pare, climb on, stamped, re doubling, climbing onto, bestrid, jump on, climb upon, go up, in-stall, be-strid, got astride, Intensating, jumped on, choked, bestrides, going up, gotten upon, gat astride, get upon, up surged, be strides, sunless, mounting, extinguished, unlit, pale, gat upon, dead, climbed on, upsurging, rise, up surges, in stalled, pre pare, jumping on, Bestrode, pre-paring, upsurged, pro-duces, smothered, getting upon, went up, gets upon, clambering up, pre pared, re double, get astride, pitch black, pre pares, leaden, in-stalled, re doubled, getting up on, pre-pared, putting in place, climbing upon, re-doubles, getting astride, re doubles, lightproof, get on, puts in place, be strode, climbs on, gotten astride, Escalading, be-striding, jumps on, put place, pre paring, climb onto, climbed up on, gray, climbing up on, be stride, Intensate, cloudy, putting place, in stalling, goes up, up surge, piled up, in-stalling, up-surge, Bestridden, be-strides, ascend, Intensated, up-surging, be-stridden, piles up, Escaladed, get onto, blackened, get up on, shadowy, unlighted, gets astride, climbed onto, quenched, Bestriding, re-doubling, pro duces, gotten up on, multi plying, puts place, clamber up, multi-plied, be-strode, gat up on, climbed upon, up-surges, escalade, be stridden, re-doubled, be-stride.