Pronunciation of Lead
/l_ˈiː_d/, /lˈiːd/, /lˈiːd/

Antonyms for lead:

lead on, gave allegiance to, puts tail on, am subsequent to, went next, hawking, runs after, give allegiance to, abandon, bit player, mis-represented, tagging along, be dogging, second, proceed from, re-gard, re place, delay, be-dog, keeping abreast of, bit-player, dropt back, fall back, Incommodity, subtract, wast subsequent to, lead astray, Chivying, lose, post dating, catching on, secondary, art guided by, dost like, dis-place, do like, mis-informed, wert devoted to, out-witting, being consistent with, walk-on, mis guide, Bunked, coming next, post-date, sprang from, looking for, wast guided by, keep eye on, deficit, pattern oneself up on, pulls wool over eyes, groused, be-tray, refuse, shag, pattern oneself upon, post dated, comes next, de lay, over-reaches, roped in, scammed, be tray, be devoted to, subsidiary, Gunning, holds fast, sticked to, taking as example, going after, were guided by, loss, fall behind, being guided by, mis-directing, keep, Misguiding, misdirects, scamming, run after, dis placing, Illuded, supporting players, proceeds from, shun, harm, are subsequent to, conservative, doeth like, over reaching, surrender, drawback, mis directing, de-laying, came after, supporting actress, brought up the rear, audience, dog the footsteps of, be guided by, Catenated, live up to, yield, mis-informing, over-reaching, ex-tends, wert subsequent to, small speaking part, re placing, was consistent with, led on, Catenating, brings up the rear, rebuff, wast in keeping, spring from, bring up the rear, putting a tail on, dis places, tailgate, dissuade, does like, ex tending, mis-represent, out-wits, brings the rear, be-dogged, omega, HOSED, bird dog, am guided by, re places, were subsequent to, taking as an example, tailgated, running after, gunned for, is subsequent to, de-fraud, catenate, puts a tail on, de-ludes, pulling wool over eyes, modeling on, de fraud, go next, be guiles, hindrance, going next, goes next, be-dogs, restriction, took as an example, art interested in, drave away, double cross, gets picture, walk-ons, ex-tended, spear-carriers, are guided by, art consistent with, giving chase, brought the rear, desert, follow a scent, dis place, go after, dogging the footsteps of, following scent, be-guiles, goose step, over reach, be trays, gets the picture, dwarf, wert consistent with, keeping eye on, dogged the footsteps of, Shafted, didst like, gave chase, consent, nobody, mis-leads, be inferior, birddog, chase, follow, nosed out, tagged after, assistant, spoored, bring the rear, dis-placing, bedogging, patterning upon, looks for, patterned oneself up on, driving away, repel, tailgates, strung along, ex tended, art subsequent to, hanged down, nosing out, sprung from, rope in, out-wit, taking off after, cipher, less, drops back, de laying, out witted, poked along, follow scent, are keeping, mis leads, take away, come next, mis inform, stick to, doth like, mis-directs, mis represents, followed a scent, Supernumeraries, putting tail on, be keeping, adheres to, mis representing, under, de-lays, follows scent, be dogged, walk ons, adhered to, was guided by, obey, bedogged, is keeping, de-lude, following a scent, went after, patterns upon, shagged, dogging footsteps of, mis-guiding, art keeping, ex tend, being subsequent to, over-reach, living up to, wert keeping, de-lay, shagging, omegas, dis-places, did like, minor part, mis leading, dropping back, leading astray, post dates, poking along, strike, mis represented, gotten picture, bit-part, was keeping, zilch, am keeping, handicap, ran after, look for, misdirect, hang down, small role, are consistent with, walk on, supporting actors, was devoted to, gat the picture, mis-informs, ontoing, doing like, ropes in, bit part, drop back, mismanage, get picture, hinder, mis guiding, comes after, takes as example, keeping an eye on, grousing, keeps eye on, conventional, post-dating, downside, took off after, misdirected, caught on, wast keeping, poke along, Trailed, mis-direct, goes after, mis-guide, de ludes, holding fast, doublecross, drove away, dis-placed, scratch around, post date, supporting player, spooring, mis-directed, Illude, supporting actor, mis informed, wert interested in, live to, brought rear, spear-carrier, prevent, was interested in, getting the picture, lower, dogged footsteps of, re placed, ex-tend, Insignificancy, comply, spear carriers, stop, schlepps along, ignore, are in keeping, out witting, bringing rear, mis-lead, spear carrier, bring up rear, postdates, be subsequent to, ancillary, pattern upon, mis-represents, mis-leading, Shafting, leads astray, gunned, post-dated, tailgating, kept abreast of, patterning oneself up on, fell behind, illudes, be consistent with, catches on, schlepping along, am devoted to, spearcarriers, super-numerary, debit, mis-guides, wast interested in, out wits, taking out after, coming after, bedog, pokes along, is interested in, reject, falls behind, gives chase, takes out after, bringing up the rear, dogs footsteps of, patterned up on, are devoted to, re-placed, mis direct, were interested in, discourage, de frauds, takes off after, be dogs, tags along, scratching around, disbenefit, pattern up on, fan, be dog, mis-inform, ontoed, snippersnapper, proceeded from, takes as an example, keeps abreast of, beat bushes, led astray, Illuding, roping in, mis represent, tag after, were in keeping, is guided by, guns for, de-frauds, took out after, Bunking, drive, misguide, being interested in, Hawked, be guile, mis guides, tagged along, sticking to, put tail on, liability, am consistent with, models on, bringing the rear, minus, hurt, hunt, be-guile, ex-tending, noses out, nonentity, hosing, be-trays, is devoted to, super numerary, pulled wool over eyes, brings up rear, pull wool over eyes, patterns oneself up on, ex tends, springs from, are interested in, neglect, hanging down, pursue, schlepp along, misdirecting, tagging after, shrimp, modelled on, re gards, go with, give chase, chivies, twerp, gunning for, walkon, supporting actresses, come with, kept an eye on, Followed, patterned upon, be interested in, is in keeping, Snowing, follows a scent, falling behind, mis directed, mis informing, bringing up rear, were consistent with, repulse, leads on, Postdating, alienate, sticks to, last, patterns oneself upon, subordinate, come after, repress, fail, patterning up on, adhere to, estrange, misguides, zero, hangs down, lesser, kept eye on, whippersnapper, were devoted to, held fast, stuck to, out wit, hold, chivy, tags after, observe, mis-representing, giving allegiance to, came next, mislead, catenates, get the picture, junior, bedogs, be-dogging, being keeping, gun for, withdraw, art in keeping, over reached, leave, dog footsteps of, bring rear, suppress, de lude, dogs the footsteps of, lowly, take off after, dis placed, disadvantage, over reaches, got the picture, art devoted to, deputy, catch on, ontoes, living to, coadjutor, shags, misinformed, wast devoted to, drive away, spearcarrier, finises, modeled on, getting picture, trail, mis lead, Chivied, mis informs, took as example, was in keeping, take as example, wert in keeping, de lays, tag along, mis directs, take, were keeping, injure, finis, inferior, nose out, be in keeping, put a tail on, gat picture, looked for, Snowed, patterned oneself upon, being devoted to, being in keeping, brings rear, obstacle, morsel, is consistent with, adhering to, wast consistent with, small speaking parts, re-places, walkons, take out after, wert guided by, small roles, mis-guided, followed scent, model on, springing from, minor parts, postdate, dropped back, schlepped along, keep an eye on, brought up rear, post-dates.

Usage examples for lead:

  • " I saw Fox lead you off," I said. - "Richard Carvel, Volume 5", Winston Churchill.
  • I believe it is the next thing, and that somebody is to lead the way. - "The Other Girls", Mrs. A. D. T. Whitney.
  • I rose to lead the way out of the garden. - "The Legacy of Cain", Wilkie Collins.

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