Pronunciation of Actual
/ˈakt͡ʃuːə͡l/, /ˈakt‍ʃuːə‍l/, /ˈa_k_tʃ_uː_əl/

Antonyms for actual

noncurrent, snide, out of proportion, simulated, more hyperbolic, more gossamery, lowpriced, Crocker, most forsworn, more dissimulating, in conduct, most illusory, low priced, few and far between, un earthly, most shangri-la, re-presentative, illusory, out of line, titular, theoretical, most caricatural, Accounted, most bouncing, under-handed, not what it is cracked up to be, ideal, out of reach, plantest, more sophistical, more casuistic, uncertain, not what is cracked up be, in name only, in all but name, more trumped-up, fabricated, in vented, sophistical, fakest, more embroidered, deceitful, in correct, most dissembling, non concrete, most deceiving, dis ingenuous, un loyal, in-expensive, Double dealing, un-truer, most smooth-spoken, more selfstyled, abstract, falsehearted, more feigning, past, unfixed, un necessary, over blown, more too-too, most beguiling, most purported, more cooked-up, most trumped-up, more misrepresentative, won't fly, most thought, puton, in effect only, more trumped up, most ungrounded, dis loyal, pie-in-the-sky, more bouncing, most trumped up, reported, most astucious, hammiest, counter-factual, re ported, un-reliable, nonexistent, most accounted, hypo critical, most nonconcrete, self righteous, more ungrounded, more fancied, highflown, most trumpedup, mis-representative, pictured, hammier, over-blown, self styled, scoundrelly, in-vented, not what is cracked be, ivorytower, un-sound, in-defectible, suppository, more nonconcrete, more thought, more transcendent, un sound, a bit thick, un-scrupulous, more out-of-reach, dis-loyal, in-correct, in valid, most regarded, false, most smooth spoken, twofaced, imaginary, de-signing, more purported, reputed, more caviling, trumpedup, imprecise, unreal, counter factual, mis taken, most token, most puton, more shangrila, more astucious, as advertised, more concocted, in accurate, have-it-all, more deemed, smoothtongued, un-truest, most impostrous, in-sincerest, rascally, high flown, not genuine, hypocritical, pre-tended, not what is cracked up to be, more hollywood, dummiest, not what it is cracked up be, more shangri-la, non existent, most deemed, most apparent, Impostrous, more imitation, hammy, most indefectible, most unloyal, more smooth spoken, under hand, jiviest, legendary, more self styled, in sincere, more ivory tower, de parted, visualized, more self-styled, Astucious, most self-styled, jivier, more token, dis-simulating, more prevaricating, most ideal, mis-leading, in-sincerer, most feigning, more too too, Indefectible, most cooked-up, most pie in the sky, overestimated, un grounded, over done, not what it is cracked to be, un earthlier, selfrighteous, hypothetical, more stylized, more fabricated, most deluding, visionary, most misrepresentative, under-hand, in-considerable, most reckoned, un scrupulous, shangri la, more tootoo, lefthanded, more unloyal, most gossiped, tootoo, more overkill, most imitation, exaggerated, ungrounded, selfstyled, makebelieve, more transcendental, nominal, un truer, most gossamery, un founded, most ivory tower, jivey, most out-of-reach, dis-ingenuous, most extinguished, most imprecise, platonic, Misrepresentative, dis simulating, most dissimulating, most self styled, not what is cracked to be, most ivorytower, dis guised, most cooked up, in-direct, feigning, imagined, putative, passed on, most smoothspoken, over-kill, un-acknowledged, over estimated, un-earthliest, Perished, in practice, most have-it-all, more figmental, dis-honorable, most moralistic, over-estimated, mis-taken, most created, bogus, out line, virtual, mis leading, more reckoned, hypo-critical, most apostate, most rascal, ivory-tower, in-accurate, smoothspoken, non-concrete, de-parted, most put on, most concocted, trumped-up, pretended, more suppository, alleged, more caricatural, supposititious, hypo thetical, more forsworn, in direct, over kill, most puppet, most sophistical, in expensive, most cookedup, more scoundrelly, un-truthful, most unacknowledged, more have it all, in clouds, more overestimated, in sincerer, un faithful, most tootoo, more put-on, most fancied, wont fly, more perished, dis honest, un attainable, more deceiving, not kosher, contrary to fact, more rascally, overkill, de jure, more smoothspoken, un real, more out of reach, Gossamery, more mythomaniac, two faced, un-substantial, more impostrous, un realistic, mythomaniac, more ivorytower, un substantial, dis-guised, more put on, contrary fact, counterfeit, hypo-thetical, mental, un truest, fabulous, mis representative, too too, few far between, in sincerest, re-ported, have it all, out-of-reach, most shangrila, too-too, moralistic, most have it all, most amplified, left handed, more cheating, un earthliest, most suppository, crockest, off the mark, null void, more deluding, most fabricated, more smooth-spoken, smooth spoken, un-grounded, un acknowledged, conceived, more pie-in-the-sky, casuistic, potential, most hyperbolic, most figmental, socalled, more gossiped, more accounted, more pie in the sky, more trumpedup, more shangri la, un-founded, un-sounder, more unacknowledged, bummest, fictitious, more cooked up, more ivory-tower, un sounder, un-attainable, re presentative, nonconcrete, un-earthlier, untrue, un-real, under handed, so called, passed away, more cookedup, most embroidered, without foundation, dis-honest, most prevaricating, smooth tongued, un reliable, in considerable, most pie-in-the-sky, more have-it-all, old, self-styled, most magnified, most out of reach, seeming, over-wrought, more magnified, feigned, hyperbolic, mendacious, most casuistic, unloyal, soft shell, most too too, Inexistent, spiritual, most feline, in definite, romantic, in-constant, most perished, more puppet, un-earthly, un-faithful, Non-existent, out proportion, in-substantial, delusive, most shangri la, in-valid, un true, in substantial, un-natural, more regarded, un-soundest, in but name, smooth-spoken, envisioned, cooked-up, madeup, more dissembling, most overestimated, un-loyal, unacknowledged, more faked, caricatural, un-trustworthy, most faked, more moralistic, more created, in-sincere, figmental, more indefectible, un-necessary, doubledealing, dummier, most stylized, un-true, cookedup, most ivory-tower, in-definite, hyped up, most selfstyled, off mark, more extinguished, most caviling, dis honorable, de signing.