Pronunciation of Bequeath
/b_ɪ_k_w_ˈiː_θ/, /bɪkwˈiːθ/, /bɪkwˈiːθ/

Antonyms for bequeath

defalcates, dis affiliates, dis-possess, cutting without a cent, be-reave, be reave, Defalcating, burgle, cut off without cent, be reaving, glomming on to, dis-affiliates, gat fingers on, all-owed, de-spoils, dis-affiliated, mis appropriated, mis appropriate, re-served, taking over, pro-moting, cut without a cent, breaking in to, mis-appropriated, broke into, gets hands on, gotten fingers on, de-falcated, de-fraud, de-frauds, moonlight requisition, glommed on to, dis inheriting, break into, defalcate, breaks in to, grabbed hold of, disinherit, dis owning, dis-inherits, pro-mote, cuts off without cent, de vote, de-voting, de spoiling, keep, rob, with holds, be-reft, moonlights requisition, re serve, de voted, filch, be-reaves, break in to, dis burse, mis-appropriate, dis-possessing, re-serve, dis-inherit, de spoils, disaffiliating, got hands on, Defalcated, brake in to, dis-affiliate, sticks up, dis owned, cut without cent, heisting, all owed, gloms to, be reaved, de-spoiling, embezzle, de-voted, Copped, de-spoil, all owing, de fraud, exheridate, with-holds, cutting off without a cent, de-spoiled, take over, broke in to, dis possessed, moonlighting requisition, strong arm, breaks into, dis burses, dis affiliated, appropriate, dis affiliate, re served, grabbing hold of, dis possesses, sticked up, pro moting, dis-owned, sets apart, with holding, be reaves, de falcate, be-reaving, pro-motes, get hands on, dis inherited, receive, dis-owning, re-serving, stick up, dis-affiliating, dis-possesses, moonlighted requisition, de votes, dis-inheriting, de-votes, de-vote, stuck up, exheridates, usurped, de frauds, heisted, get fingers on, getting hands on, dis affiliating, exheridated, set apart, dis possessing, copping, disaffiliates, mis-appropriates, gloms on to, with-hold, with hold, gat hands on, got fingers on, de spoil, burgling, breaking into, setting apart, with-held, cutting off without cent, dis inherits, strongarm, be reft, sticking up, dis-burses, gotten hands on, exheridating, cuts without cent, cut off without a cent, brake into, grabs hold of, getting fingers on, disown, cuts without a cent, burgled, glom to, dis-burse, de spoiled, re-serves, be-reaved, dis possess, take, takes over, de-falcate, mis appropriates, dis-inherited, cutting without cent, glomming to, with held, gets fingers on, mis-appropriating, de voting, glommed to, grab hold of, cuts off without a cent, dis-possessed, all-owing, de falcated, dis inherit, mis appropriating, glom on to, disaffiliate, disaffiliated, re serving, burgles, took over.