Pronunciation of Accede
/ɐksˈiːd/, /ɐksˈiːd/, /ɐ_k_s_ˈiː_d/

Antonyms for accede:

calling on, impede, taking exception to, take exception to, calls on, dissent, re fusing, disagree, scorn, dis acknowledging, dis avow, dis-proving, keeps back, dis allows, re buffed, disapprove, re strains, dis-believe, dis-owned, turning thumbs down, repudiate, keeping back, dis credited, dis allow, withholds, be grudges, dis-claiming, re butted, gainsay, with-held, dis claims, keep, re-fused, dis-owning, oppose, dis-claimed, dis claim, dis-carding, spurn, dis proving, deny, Forgone, dis-claim, turn down, not buys, dis-prove, Tabooed, demur, says no to, dis avows, dis-avowing, dis-acknowledged, keep back, obstruct, re-buffed, re straining, say no to, dis claiming, contend, not buy, dis claimed, dis crediting, kept back, dis believes, dis believe, dis owned, dis allowed, Tabooing, with held, saying no to, takes exception to, dis allowing, refuse, dis carded, Negatived, turned thumbs down, withhold, hold, forgoing, dis-proves, dis-allows, re-strain, dis credits, dis-believed, dis-credits, re canted, rebuff, re butting, be-grudged, forsake, enjoining from, condemn, re-buffs, re strain, dis cards, re strained, be-grudges, took exception to, dis-allow, dis-avowed, not buying, prevent, dis-believing, re-butting, re fuses, disallow, dis acknowledges, protest, dis-carded, enjoin from, with hold, re buff, dis-avow, dis-acknowledge, be grudging, decline, dis proves, contradict, re buffing, dis acknowledge, reject, hinder, dis-card, dis-credit, dis-allowing, be grudge, not bought, dis-believes, call on, dis carding, dis acknowledged, dis-crediting, with-holds, re-strains, re fused, dis believed, called on, re-strained, dis-acknowledging, dis prove, dis-claims, dis-credited, enjoined from, re-buffing, be-grudge, taboo, dis-acknowledges, Negativing, re-fuse, with holding, re-butted, turns thumbs down, turn thumbs down, veto, forbid, denounce, dis-proved, re-straining, re-canting, repel, re-canted, dis believing, re buffs, dis avowed, dis owning, be grudged, re canting, dis card, dis avowing, differ, with-hold, said no to, dis-avows, dis proved, with holds, dispute, dis-allowed, re fuse, resist, enjoins from, be-grudging, dis credit, dis-cards.

Usage examples for accede:

Idioms for accede:

  • accede to sth;

Rhymes for accede:

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