Pronunciation of Correction
/kəɹˈɛkʃən/, /kəɹˈɛkʃən/, /k_ə_ɹ_ˈɛ_k_ʃ_ə_n/

Antonyms for correction

miscalculation, flub up, in accuracies, over-looking, putting foot in mouth, self-deception, over-looks, in-attention, sinfulness, bad deed, pretermissions, injury, re-morses, in-efficacy, catch 22, in consistencies, stackups, preteritions, slip ups, bringdown, mis-fire, dis graces, un-becomingness, child play, over looks, stack up, flub, in equities, mismanagement, indiscreetness, under estimation, cacologies, un-doing, un-fitnesses, self-reproach, mis construction, in-decorums, mis belief, immodesty, un-faithfulnesses, misadventure, mis estimates, misunderstanding, over estimations, fool mistakes, mis-management, catch-22's, overestimation, rear-enders, in delicacies, eidolons, nonsuccess, simple-mindednesses, gaffs, inelegance, bad deeds, mis take, eidola, misspeaks, mis-reckoning, Hocuspocus, in exactness, mis-fires, preterition, over turn, un fitness, un-becomingnesses, makebelieve, forgiveness, in-congruity, bad jobs, tactlessnesses, un truth, misestimation, un soundness, flash in pan, in decencies, un-doings, non senses, criminalities, mis-belief, flub ups, in-appropriatenesses, under estimations, un suitabilities, howler, bad job, mis-speak, goof up, goof-ups, de fault, undervaluation, misimpression, over-estimations, mis prints, un-faithfulness, in-discretion, in juries, screamer, booboo, dis coloration, non payments, selfcondemnations, dis regard, mis-deed, self condemnation, dis honor, dis-coloration, misinterpretation, improperness, in-delicacy, Idolism, un reliabilities, exemption, in discretions, misconstrual, mis-apprehension, excitabilities, wrack up, Misspeak, re-versal, un fairnesses, invalidity, flub-ups, un suitableness, mis calculation, elusions, un-reliability, walkover, non-payments, ill-fortune, booboos, answerability, goof ups, illfortune, blameworthiness, inappropriateness, un-fitness, wrack-ups, mis-applications, mis conception, overnight, crack ups, mis judgment, mishap, bad omens, in-accuracy, un-soundness, mis doing, in jury, blooper, absolution, dis appointment, simple mindedness, exoneration, fool paradise, delusion, self reproaches, non sequitur, oversight, dis honors, ingenuousnesses, under-estimations, over sights, over look, un doings, in-advertences, non sense, stack ups, misconception, mis-print, remitment, dis appointments, de-fault, mis conduct, selfreproaches, goof, over-night, corrigenda, old onetwo, impunity, rear enders, boo-boos, de-feats, mis-speaks, mis-estimates, in efficacy, dumb thing do, in advertences, parole, default, de faults, mis-interpretations, in-discreetness, de feat, simplemindedness, permissiveness, mis statement, mis interpretation, slip-up, crack-ups, fender-benders, in adequacy, ignus fatuu, mis speaks, dis regards, fallacy, dis-courtesy, de-feat, dis courtesies, foul-up, de feats, misconstructions, foulup, over nights, misconstruals, criminality, self deception, mis doings, mis constructions, in-accuracies, re morse, mistaken beliefs, mis-apprehensions, in appropriatenesses, mis carriage, mismanagements, un-suitabilities, un-fairness, in-adequacy, undoing, misimpressions, indemnity, hocus pocus, defect, crack-up, ingenuousness, self condemnations, ill fortunes, over-throw, mis steps, slip up, indiscreetnesses, immodesties, mis-managements, rough spots, mis apprehensions, in adequacies, in discreetnesses, mis-adventures, inaccuracy, spoiling, incorrect sum, overvaluations, confoundings, faultinesses, blunder, in-consistency, over-look, mis-takes, in-jury, in sufficiencies, dis-regards, screamers, mis cue, mis judgments, immunity, Eidolon, disappointment, wrack ups, mis-constructions, dis-honors, non payment, mistake, mis applications, misbeliefs, slip-ups, in consistency, in discreetness, pretermission, mis conceptions, bad moves, sub-versions, un-truths, over valuation, mis-reckonings, Misbelief, selfdeceptions, damage, in elegance, ignus fatuus, trip, unsuitability, paradox, mis-usages, mis-conducts, mis-carriages, simplemindednesses, stack-up, dis-courtesies, dis-grace, flaw, dumb moves, in-elegance, in elegances, in humanity, ill-fortunes, snafu, mis behavior, mis adventure, bad breaks, mis-calculation, mis takes, dis grace, marrings, over throw, in attentions, remission, in-decency, incorrect sums, inexactness, mis-counts, un-suitablenesses, fault, quibblings, figment imagination, dis courtesy, mis-conceptions, putting foot mouth, mis-steps, mis understandings, un doing, self-deceptions, goofups, in attention, sub versions, un faithfulness, under-valuation, mis chances, wrackups, in decency, in-appropriateness, catch22's, idolisms, mis fortune, mis fires, mis-cues, in efficacies, underestimation, mis application, mis-application, mis-estimate, mis demeanor, misreckoning, fluff, un-suitability, mis-demeanor, mis carriages, deceptiveness, in-exactness, mis-impression, in accuracy, re-morse, gaffe, in-sufficiency, non successes, mis-take, non success, mis counts, non sequiturs, release, over valuations, stack-ups, mis-fortunes, in correctnesses, un-seemliness, speciousness, boo-boo, re versal, in decorums, mis-judgment, misprint, condonation, howlers, flubups, pre-conception, over-estimation, in-advertence, over estimation, foulups, harm, dumb move, screw ups, overestimations, mis-usage, slip, over turns, acquittal, re morses, mis estimations, answerabilities, old one twos, reprieve, errors, flash the pan, un seemlinesses, self-condemnations, sinfulnesses, over throws, goof-up, evil doing, under-valuations, un suitablenesses, re verse, non-sense, elusion, bad move, pre conception, dis-appointments, lapse, selfdeception, goofup, in-elegances, dis-colorations, corrigendum, bringdowns, slip of tongue, mis management, self deceptions, misstep, in justices, un becomingness, old onetwos, childs play, over sight, crackup, mis-cue, un truths, boner, fenderbenders, misprints, imprecisions, commutation, blameworthinesses, mis fire, dis-appointment, solecism, dis-graces, in equity, mis understanding, slip the tongue, mis-statements, pre conceptions, male-factions, unfitness, de-faults, mis beliefs, amnesty, impropriety, mis behaviors, petting, in discretion, weekends, un-soundnesses, un seemliness, over-throws, crackups, over night, overlooking, rear ender, disregard, fender-bender, mis-conception, dropping ball, in-equity, ill fortune, guilt, mis-calculations, paramnesia, in-correctness, mis reckoning, screw-ups, dis colorations, in congruity, invalidities, in-exactnesses, illusion, malefactions, dropping the ball, indecorum, un-reliabilities, in-decorum, spuriousness, bunglings, catch 22's, fool mistake, in-discreetnesses, mis-deeds, under valuations, in-justice, un-truth, mis-understandings, over-turn, bloomer, crudeness, in decorum, false moves, mis deeds, mis-behavior, in-consistencies, dis-honor, mis impressions, over-sights, excitability, simple-mindedness, mis statements, selfreproach, mis-conduct, foul-ups, catch22, dumb thing to do, sub-version, male faction, undervaluations, misestimate, in-sufficiencies, fenderbender, mis estimate, inexactnesses, wrong, indiscretion, peccabilities, mis conducts, under-estimation, re-verse, Torts, sub version, in-congruities, rear-ender, mis cues, deceptivenesses, in-validities, bonehead play, in delicacy, old one-twos, mis reckonings, mistaken belief, male factions, miscarriage, bonehead plays, mis print, male-faction, overnights, paramnesias, mis fortunes, foul ups, wrackup, un-seemlinesses, tort, pardon, nonsuccesses, hurt, worsening, mis chance, simple mindednesses, mis-doings, erratum, mis-interpretation, over-sight, Coddling, bad break, flubup, unreliabilities, dis-regard, mis-construction, un-fairnesses, mis managements, in-adequacies, in-efficacies, mis-adventure, Malefaction, overvaluation, error, de stroyers, selfcondemnation, overlookings, un becomingnesses, mis adventures, crudenesses, in-delicacies, in humanities, vindication, de-stroyers, allowance, rearender, mis deed, un fitnesses, in exactnesses, non-successes, mis-demeanors, mis speak, miss, de-stroyer, in-discretions, mis-prints, mis impression, mis-understanding, loss innocence, old one two, self reproach, exculpation, mis-beliefs, indulgence, underestimations, under valuation, in validity, in sufficiency, in-decencies, rough spot, misapprehension, flub-up, mis-statement, bad omen, un-suitableness, in congruities, de stroyer, Cacology, un suitability, XS, unreliability.